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“Perusing the Perimeter” 2014 Fantasy Baseball Player Profile: Andrew McCutchen

Going into the 2013 season many of us thought there was a solid chance the Pittsburgh Pirates would compete within the NL division …But I doubt many of us outside of Pittsburgh thought they would do as well as they did… The Reigning National League MVP Andrew McCutchen rightfully deserves that title as the Pirates beat my beloved Cincinnati Reds in the wildcard play-in game and they would never been in position all year to do so without his stellar play….

If you don’t follow ya boy on twitter …First, let me tell that you should fix that and follow me here @Whudey….Second, that you know my hate runs deep for Pittsburgh and many are wondering have I gone too far with the hate with my ranking of NL MVP Andrew McCutchen ?? As it stands right now, I currently have Andrew McCutchen ranked #14th and that is probably where he will stay for the most in the 12-16 area….While it is highly doubtful anyone would ever see @TheCutch22 hit the second round (currently the 4th to 8th selection in many drafts) I for one will not be drafting him unless he is available to me in the 2nd round and here is why…

I like you and I think you are a beast…but early first round material…meh…..


It was a banner year in 2013  not just for McCutchen but the team as a whole ….My first and initial feeling is that there is no way the supporting cast makes a race for the division crown two years in a row…When you have a guy entering his sophomore season in Starling Marte who had a ridiculous .363 BABIP to go with just a modest .280 AVG somethings has got to give here…I expect both numbers to drop in a major way…limiting McCutchen’s RBI potential …. and lets look behind him in the order where a guy in Pedro Alvarez who has hit 30+ bombs two years in a row ….the sub .240 AVG on the other hand could mean he may be this year’s version of a 2013 Dan Uggla where the big power just doesn’t translate into success….which hurts McCutchen #s in stolen bases and runs scored. Let alone the pitching staff being an unknown outside of Gerrit Cole for any kind of success.

Now, let’s take a second to look at the man himself. Like I said before no doubt he deserved the NL MVP as his pre-ASB .302/.376/.471 versus his post-ASB .339/.441/.561 lines pretty much tell you all you need to know. Usually a hot starter so it was werid to see him struggle early on. He was hitting .360 in 2012 Pre-ASB. But folks this is just two years of excellent production ….In 2010 he was just in .286 hitter and in 2011 a robust .259 ……Not to mention his BABIP in 2011 of .291 compared to 2012′s .375 and 2013′s .353 …regression is gonna come at some point (previous career high was .327) …. Could he be just entering into his prime? Sure, but I still think that some regression will be there if not on the part Andrew McCutchen then his surrounding parts will fail him. A Great five-tool talent who I just cannot claim to be first rounder material…Sorry not sorry….

“Perusing the Perimeter” 2014 Fantasy Baseball Draft Rankings

It’s that time of year … the clocks getting sprung forward, the snow is beginning to melt, and peanuts and cracker jacks are now a part of a well balanced diet…This only means that Spring Training is here and the start of yet another long but fantastic MLB season is upon us….now is the time to prepare for your respective fantasy baseball drafts….


Don’t worry Tupac, I was just as shocked to see how well I did last year in my Draft Rankings…

In 2013, ya boy @Whudey finished 3rd out of 65 very talented fantasy baseball writers….read more about that here…While that is nice and I am very excited to have finished as high as I did…it is as they say “Old News” and the new year brings the new challenge of remaining in the Top 10 …a challenge I readily accept…….. So from now up until the first official pitch of the 2014 season…..let my fantasy baseball draft rankings be a loose guide for you to use for domination….check back here for daily updates….Happy Drafting…. Good Luck to you all……

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“Perusing the Perimeter” Fantasy Baseball 2013 Vol.4



In the politically correct world we live in the word “stupid” has become frown upon to use when describing ones actions. I can tell you one thing …I am allergic to stupidity … there I said it…While I don’t mean we are all stupid but as human beings we are all guilty of stupidity from time to time. Hell, I for one have no shame in admitting my erroneous ways…Shaming Justin Upton the way I did in the preseason had no merit and for that I apologize…it was stupid..but I am human….Does Jedd Gyroko suck big balls? You damn right he does..only myself would try and sell the public on using Mark Ellis as a stop gap replacement for the struggling San Diego Second Baseman on the “Peruisng the Perimeter” podcast last week….only to have Mark Ellis suffer an injury the next day…for that I am stupid…stupid for owning Jedd Gyroko in the first place and putting myself in the position I am in….In arguably the shallowest position fantasy baseball I have no where to turn and no one but to blame is myself for my own stupidity…What fantasy baseball is all about, let alone all fantasy sports, is eliminating this personal stupidity by learning from our mistakes and knowing when its time to own up for our personal transgressions….With the month of April coming to a close ….Fantasy baseball owners are looking at their teams and giving them a serious look moving forward ….as we enter the next couple of months the men will start to separate from the boys …. don’t be guilty of ignoring personal stupidity…and look to cash in on the stupidity of other owners via the wavier wire and trade..”Perusing the Perimeter” is here to help make those adjustments as we all learn from our mistakes heading into the month of May…(check out “Perusing the Perimeter” podcast Tuesday Night 8PM with Mike Gianella @MikeGianella as we discuss whats ahead for fantasy baseball owners …)




*Russell Martin 15% owned and his “Sex is on Fire” five home runs and .409/.469/.864 line the last 15 days ..a great band-aid for owners of guys like Evan Gattis and John Buck as they are cooling off a bit ….



*James Loney of Tampa Bay is a sexy option at CI but I’d be tempted to play matchups with him and guys like Mike Moustakas and Ike Davis for a few weeks and see where it gets you…Loney hitting .436/.500/.641 only owned in about 3% of leagues…



*Dustin Ackley, last 15 days he has been batting .340 folks who are scraping the barrel for production at this position could do worse than giving Ackley a week or two of your time in your MI spot..



*Pedro Alvarez is as streaky as they come and I was asked a question yesterday on twitter whether or not I would take new call-up Rockies Third Baseman Nolan Arenado over him the Rest of the season…and I told him yes…but in the short term  Pedro Alvarez is warming up a bit and is streaky as they come …so to correct my stupid answer to the question…the real answer is I would pick up Arenado and stash  for a week but give Pedro a week to prove me wrong if the recent solid production doesn’t hold make the switch…



*Jed Lowrie Watch :If you missed my “Perusing the Perimeter” podcast with @SlimCliffy I made a wager I would  rub my nipples in a Google + Hangout if Jed Lowrie reaches 300 At-bats … man of my word (although I am sure no one wants to see that..) He currently sits at 93 at-bats and is already dealing with neck stiffness and is day to day…Don’t let me down Jed…



*Nate McLouth 66.7% owned in ESPN Leagues .400/.510/.575 with 15 runs, six steals, and is hitting atop the Baltimore lineup drink the kool-aid…its delicious for a limited time only….



*Tony Cingrani: As a Cincinnati Reds fan hopefully the stupidity that is Dusty Baker and the Reds Organization will allow for the time being upon Johnny Cueto‘s return to the rotation to give a look at using Cingrani over Mike Leake..Although Leake has been throwing the ball well in two of his last three starts…Cingrani’s 28:4 K:BB ratio and 1.50 in 18 innings of work so far is rather impressive..



*Jose Valverde (DET) and Kevin Gregg(CHI) became closers this past week…a month in and everyone is screaming “Don’t pay for Saves”




FSWA Member and also Writer for .. Follow me and ask me your questions on Twitter@Whudey or Tell me what you think in the Comments section below. Make sure you tune into a NEW “Peruinsg the Perimeter” Podcast this Thursday on FantasyTrade411 Radio Network.

“Perusing the Perimeter” Fantasy Baseball 2013 Vol.3

Fantasy baseball owners are about a month into the season it is time to take a go look at our squads and see where we can make improvements…whether its a via trade or the wire by now the day to day maintenance of our fantasy baseball teams should seem routine. Check your waiver wire daily and send out trade offers because you never know how “crazy” people are until you open up trade conversations with respective partners. Now, let’s not get all Miami Marlins “Fire Sale” on your fantasy baseball team if you are in last place. There is still more than four months of action to improve your team. Please Don’t Panic. Let your competition get all nutty and sale off players like Allen Craig as if they become Gary Bussey. Relax, the fun has just begun as you assess your team let me provide some assistance as we comb through some findings in ESPN Standard leagues going into Monday’s games..



*Over the last 15 days Welington Castillo (.382 /.400/.500) and Jonathan Lucroy (.324/.390/.622) have become very attractive options at Catcher
until Matt Wieters ,Evan Gattis and Miguel Montero heat back up..
And no sure why about 25% of owners are dropping Salvador Perez because he has heated up of late..if he is out on your waiver wire grab him up….and Carlos Ruiz  of the Philadelphia Phillies is to return Sunday or Monday ….



*If I am a Kendry Morales Owner I am going to the wire and copping Matt Adams (Although he was a late scratch prior to the game on Monday)… Adams may finally get to see a healthy share of at-bats (As I have mention him  in last week’s “PTP”..)…. from the 5 spot in the lineup without Carlos Beltran in the lineup…we all know Beltran deals with his share of injuries year in and year out…so just a matter of time before he gets an extended look…at 11% owned this may be the last time you will be able to make a $0 FAAB Bid on him and have him awarded to your team.



*Mark Ellis could really help you Jason Kipnis owners who continue to own him and START him…during his terrible start and …Jedd Gyroko owners like myself…. Jot this down…Now, excuse me while I search the waiver wire for Ellis on my 20 plus fantasy baseball teams…


*Plays Final “Jeopardy” Music*


*Josh Donaldson of Oakland should be a nice pickup for the those hurting at CI in serch of average and power


*Nelson Cruz, Andre Either, Ben Revere, and Gerardo Parra owners ….could do a two week fill in of these guys off a wavier wire near you.

Lorezno Cain of the Kansas City Royals and

Travis Snider of the Pittsburgh Pirates….both guys are hitting the ball really well…maybe you can grab them off the wire and flip them to someone…



* Send out offers for Jay Bruce trying to Buy Low on him…he is known to hit home runs in bunches as one of the game’s more streakier players… hit his first yesterday…




FSWA Member and also Writer for .. Follow me and ask me your questions on Twitter@Whudey or Tell me what you think in the Comments section below. Make sure you tune into a NEW “Peruinsg the Perimeter” Podcast this Thursday on FantasyTrade411 Radio Network.


“Perusing the Perimeter” Fantasy Baseball Week Two

Just about two weeks in and folks lets be honest the fantasy baseball scene is looking a lot more like an episode of M.A.S.H. everyday. In the war that is our respective fantasy baseball leagues day in and day out players who are more than 75% owned in ESPN standard roto leagues are landing on the disabled list. Zach Greinke, Jose Reyes, Yoenis Céspedes, Jason Kubel, and Kyuji Fujikawa are just a few names that checked into the infirmary this past week. Looking at all the red DL and DTD on my respective teams really has me needing to just grab a drink with Alan Alda and Mike Farrell … Well, as your “Radar”, I am here to help assist you the best way that I can as we sit and wait for our wounded warriors to return.





*The John Buck train has come and gone as he nears 100% owned . Evan Gattis is eligible at OF and C with Brian McCann still a ways away from playing Gattis has taken the lion share of catching duties. Four home runs and a .333/.412/.767 line to start the year going into Sunday. After Sunday going 1-4 with 2 RBIs, Gattis has 10 RBIs on the year. Mike Napoli and Buster Posey owners need to take a look at Evan Gattis still about 30% available until they shake out of their funks.

* I mentioned him on last weeks “Peruisng the Perimeter” Podcast but if Matt Adams of the St.Louis Cardinals starts gaining playing time could be nice time to grab and stash. Crazy Power…


* If you own Danny Espinosa… go get Omar Infante off the wire….that is all.

* over 70% of fantasy baseball owners own Kyle Seager…my question is why? Conor Gillaspie’s .435 /.435 /.609 line  isn’t as sexy as it looks but its certainly better than Seager, who needs to be left for AL-only leagues at this point.



*Jhonny Peralta seems like the best available option for you suffering Jose Reyes owners…


*Micheal Morse should be out for most of the week so those in weekly leagues will need to sit him..



*Coco Crisp has been dealing with a groin issue although not on the DL ..Chris Young and Seth Smith have been gaining at-bats with the two on the A’s starting outfielders banged up..Smith has been on fire and would be my first option to bandage the wound.


* I like Ross Detwiler for the Nationials at Miami on Wednesday.




*Give me some A.J. Griffin action as well on Tuesday not a great looking 1.93 ERA but “that’ll do pig, that’ll do” versus Houston at home…and while we are talking about the Athletics…What in the fudge sticks are they doing letting Bartolo “Yolo” Colon pitch…Free Dan Straily..



Jose Fernandez owners beware of using him at Cincinnati this week….although the way that Reds have looked offensively on the road trip maybe you should disregard my previous statement….but have you seen the Marlins Lineup without Giancarlo Stanton? (*Laughs*)


Go grab Andrew Bailey of the Boston Red Sox  as Joel Hanrahan seems to have hurt his vag…I mean hamstring once again…



*Shawn Camp blew the save and Carlos Marmol was in the set-up role on Sunday. With the closer situation being this fluid it would be wise  to just avoid all together until the dust settles in the Chicago Cubs Bullpen



I Salute you brave fantasy baseball owners who fight the good fight for their teams.
Not to mention I salute our United States Armed Forces. Thank you all who serve or have served protecting our country.

FSWA Member and also Writer for .. Follow me and ask me your questions on Twitter@Whudey or Tell me what you think in the Comments section below. Make sure you tune into a NEW “Peruinsg the Perimeter” Podcast this Thursday on FantasyTrade411 Radio Network.

“Perusing the Perimeter”Fantasy Baseball 2013:Week One

Spring is finally here. The first week of Major League Baseball has been a every bit of entertaining as anyone could have imagined. Jeff Samardzija is a strike out machine, Chris Davis was the “Human Torch” and Will Middlebrooks hit three home runs in the same game today.Albeit a small sample size, let’s take a look at players in ESPN Fantasy Baseball leagues at each position in the fantasy baseball edition of “Perusing the Perimeter”.



* Micheal Clifford, aka Slim or @SlimCliffy on twitter, is my guest for this week’s “Perusing the Periemeter” Podcast and I am sure his love for J.P. Arencibia will for sure be on display. The Toronto Catcher is batting .368 with three home runs and is only 19.7% owned. Owners of Salvador Perez KC (98.5%) and Jesus Montero Sea C, DH(95.9%)should look to acquire his services in the short term while while he is hot and they are cold..No Katy Perry ;)



* Freddie Freeman hit the DL available Matt Carpenter  of St.Louis Cardinals even though he is at 63% owned hopefully you are in a league where he is 37% available  Not too strong of a start but you could do worse…the 15-day DL for Freeman with an oblique needs to be monitored closely as those are tricky injuries to gauge in terms of post-DL production…



* Omar Infante hitting .429 may be able to help in the short term for those Neil Walker owners out there at 59.3% owned so there is a chance he could be out on your wire.



* Aramis Ramirez owners are hurting after he was off to a hot start only to hit the DL Saturday…Can not believe I am going to say this but in the short term Placido Polanco and Greg Dobbs for the Marlins make for decent fill ins ..also give Chris Johnson of the Atlanta Braves a look as he figures to fill in Freddie Freeman while he is out..and Daniel Descalso of the St.Louis Cardinals three runs, three RBIs, and a steal with a .286 average isn’t sexy but also could help if you are in a pinch at the Third Base.



* Cold start for Asdrubal Cabrera hitting only .100 do yourself a favor and get Jean Segura of Milwaukee until he heats up ..Only 20.5% owned..



If you haven’t grabbed Gerardo Parra do yourself a favor and check out Trader X’s piece on him…



* Mixed leaguers be wise to avoid Justin Maxwell. Maxwell is a AL-only play and should remain that way as a member of the Strikeout Kings in the Houston Astros… he will hurt your average mightily and has only averaged 8 steals the last three years in the majors and minors. I’d pump the brakes on the 20/20 ….20/10 if he is lucky..



*Already fantasy “experts” everywhere are talking about streaming pitchers against the Houston Astros . So far Houston as a team has .202 batting average. The 60 strikeouts are 10 more than the next MLB team going into Sunday not to mention no stolen bases as a team. This Houston team is terrible. So here is the upcoming schedule for the Astros file it away in your memory banks for safe keeping because this team may not win 55 game even with the law of averages on their side. When thinking about streaming a starting pitcher start here: HOU: Sea(3) LAA(3) Oak(3) Cle(3) Sea (3) Bos(4) NYY (3).



*Detroit Tigers closing situation is a mess…Avoid… Avoid…. Avoid…



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“Perusing the Perimeter” Fantasy Baseball 2013: 30 Bold Predictions

Spring, although you wouldn’t know it living in the east coast, is here. Time for Easter Egg hunting, The Kentucky Derby, and of course America’s Past-time ..Baseball. From T-Ball to the Major Leagues the excitement of rounding the bases and competing for a title within the diamond with the arrival of spring has hit it’s fever pitch. With the MLB season set to get started on Sunday Night I wanted to give a bold prediction or two about each team heading into the 2013 campaign. Because well…bold is what I do..Also, please check out “Perusing the Perimeter” Podcast where I will discuss some of these more in depth, my guests and I will hand out awards, and crown a Pre-season World Series champion..and now I present to you my list:




Tyler Colvin

Arizona Diamondbacks: Paul Goldschimdt has a 40/20 season. Man is a beast!!


San Diego Padres: Luke Gregerson leads the team in saves with 32. ( My @FSWA Team sure hopes this one is right. )


San Franciso Giants: Tim Lincecum has a Sub 3.40 ERA. And Y’all stop hating on his hair… Timmy Slim Jim is bringing sexy back in 2013.


Colorado Rockies: Tyler Colvin Hits 30 Home Runs. I love me some Tyler Colvin…Don’t nobody be talking bad about Lou Pinella’s Boy!!!

Los Angeles Dodgers: Zack Grienke wins less games and has a higher ERA than Ted Lilly. I wouldn’t touch Greinke even if he was covered in bacon.




Dominic Brown

New York Mets: Johnathan Niese finishes the year with a better ERA than Matt Harvey….And it won’t be close.

Philadelphia Phillies: Dominic Brown finally stays with the club all year clubbing 20 plus home runs.

Atlanta Braves: Justin Upton has almost an identical year as the one he experienced in 2012. I am not sold on teh change of scenery and brotherly love improving his now Sub-B.J. Upton type game.

Miami Marlins: @LoMoMarlins will be no more on Twitter, once he is traded at some point this year.

Washington Nationals:  Jayson Werth makes the All-Star team having a monster first half with 15-20 Home Runs.




Zack Cozart


Chicago Cubs: Carlos Marmol has more saves than Kyuji Fujikawa in a Cubs uniform.

St. Louis Cardinals: Jamie Garcia has a 3.50 ERA or lower. (Biased because we share the same birthday.)

Cincinnati Reds: Zack Cozart hits 20 + Home Runs.

Miwaukee Brewers: Kyle Loshe will struggle to make 10 starts. Scott Boras strikes agian.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Wandy Rodriguez has 140+ Strikeouts season.





Jeff Keppinger

Chicago White Sox: Jeff Keppinger hits 15 Home Runs and will have more RBIs than Dayan Viciedo.

Cleveland Indians: Drew Stubbs goes 20/30 (albeit with a .240 Average)

Kansas City Royals: Mike Moustakas hits 35 Home Runs and James Shields wins 20 + games.

Detroit Tigers: Rick Porcello has a 3.50 ERA or lower. (I am a believer of his spring.)

Minnesota Twins: Trevor Plouffe will smack less than 15 Home Runs.


Curtis Granderson


 New York Yankees: Curtis Granderson has more Home Runs and RBIs than Robinson Cano 

Boston Red Sox: David Oritz and Jacoby Ellsbury play a total of less than 10 games together.

Tampa Bay Rays:  Hellickson leads the team with a Sub-3.20 ERA

Baltimore Orioles  Adam Jones wins the Triple Crown

Toronto Blue Jays: Colby Ramus has a higher batting average than Melky Cabrera





Mike Trout


Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:  Mike Trout never goes through “regression” and has a better sophomore season from his rookie campaign.

Oakland As: Last year wasn’t all just “Moneyball” Magic. The Oakland As will make a return to the postseason…somehow …someway.

Seattle Mariners:Mike Morse goes back to the Morse that was in Seattle the first time around.

Texas Rangers:Ron Washington fired before the year is over and the team has a winning record.

Houston Astros: On the doorstep of a projected worst season ever in Major League Baseball …I’ll leave this team alone…



For My Final Personal Fantasy Baseball Rankings  and the FT411 Team before the 2013 MLB season gets underway next week click here.



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Prospect Profile: Billy Hamilton OF

Billy Hamilton, OF

Billy Hamilton, OF

Speed kills. It’s a phrase that gets thrown around often in sports. When it comes to Cincinnati Reds prospect Billy Hamilton, it certainly holds true. Newly converted from shortstop to the outfield, Hamilton has the speed to cover centerfield of Great American Ball Park, or just about any other park with ease.


After being selected in the 2nd round of the 2009 draft (57th overall), the 6’1” 160 lbs Mississippi native went to the Gulf Coast League. There he finished the season with a triple slash of .205/.253/.277 with  0 HR, 11 RBI, 14 SB. He then spent 2010 in the Pioneer League; he hit .318/.383/.456 with 2 HR, 24 RBI, and 48 SB. In 2011 while playing for Low A Dayton, Hamilton started showing off his great speed.


Billy stole 103 bases that season, and even had this inside the park homerun. Stealing bases is not all about speed though; it’s also about timing. He possesses great timing and it makes him a serious threat on the base paths. As the great Lou Brock said, “If you aim to steal 30 or 40 bases a year, you do it by surprising the other side. But if your goal is 50 to 100 bases the element of surprise doesn’t matter.  You go even though they know you’re going to go. Then each steal becomes a contest, matching your skills against theirs.” Billy’s stat line for the season was .278/.340/.360 for 3 HR, 50 RBI to go with the previously stated 103 SB.


Hamilton split the 2012 between High A and AA hitting for a combined .311/.410/.420 with 2 HR, 45 RBI, and 155 SB. No, that is not a typo. One hundred and fifty-five stolen bases in a single season; the major league single season record is one hundred and thirty-eight, held by Ricky Henderson. Now it’s not a comparison of these Hall of Famers, just showing how amazing this feat really is.


"Now how can I destroy Chapman's arm? Hmm..."

“Now how can I destroy Chapman’s arm? Hmm…”


As long as Hamilton continues to get on base (career OBP .364), he’s going to be a threat to steal. This is a great offensive weapon to have, and will make Hamilton an ideal leadoff hitter. It is difficult to find a comparison for Billy, but a combination of Ricky Henderson (1406 career stolen bases) and Tim Raines (2605 career hits) seems relatively close. He’s someone to look for in dynasty leagues only at this point, even with the positional move. As any Reds fan (or Cubs, or Giants…) can tell you Dusty Baker hates to put young guys in the game, unless he has no choice. Hamilton will start in AA with the chance for an AAA promotion, unless he forces himself into the big leagues. He’s likely a year away, so try to practice patience folks.



Born and raised in Massachusetts, Robert now resides in Philadelphia, PA. Has been playing fantasy football since 2003, and is a former high school football coach. Always a student of the game, he uses knowledge of coaching for fantasy wins. He’s always available for advice on twitter at @RoJoPal.


“Perusing the Perimeter” Fantasy Baseball 2013:Spring Training Stock Watch

Aaron Hicks CF Twins

This is the best time of the year for Fantasy Baseball. Draft season is upon us and everyday values change for certain players. Which by the way have you bought your FantasyTrade411 Draft Guide? If not please do yourself a favor and get it to dominate your drafts this spring. Anyway, with Spring Training in full swing as teams prepare to cut their rosters to 25 players remember to keep your eyes and ears open for any and all information. Digest it carefully because having a great spring or terrible spring hardly equates to major league playing time or success but some rookies have made too much noise to be ignored. For veterans, Spring Training stats don’t usually matter but for some the numbers are alarming and to turn a deaf ear to the information will do your fantasy baseball team a great disservice come Draft Day (Looking at you, Doc Halladay and Zach Grienke!) In this edition of “Perusing the Perimeter” we will dive into some Spring Training stats,news, and notes to unearth whose stock is rising and falling for 2013 season ahead. Also, please check out Episode one of The “Perusing the Periemter” Fantasy Baseball Podcast on Fantasy Trade411 Radio Network  ——————————————————————————————————

STOCK UP: Aaron Hicks is hitting  .371 this Spring. Hicks’ 4 home runs and 13 RBIs has given him firm ground to earn the starting Centerfield job. Troubling is his 7:1 strikeout to walk ratio so far this spring having not played above Double -A he figures to adjusting all season. But, Hicks has Jacoby Ellsbury upside having stole 32 bags in 2012 for New Britain. Moving him up from AL-only Late round filer status to being on mixed leagues owners radar.




STOCK DOWN: Darin Mastroianni was suppose to be the man in Center Filed for the Twins’ in 2013. Having only played in 8 games and suffering an injury paved the way for Hicks to take over. Mastroianni could still figure into the Outfield plans for the Minnesota Twins but until he is 100% healthy and Hicks struggles the favorite to win the position this spring may now start the year at Triple-A.



STOCK UP: Adam Eaton already has playing time on lock coming into the 2013 season for the Diamondbacks after they shipped Justin Upton to Atlanta and Chris Young to Oakland. You wouldn’t be able to tell by his ADP ,which should be higher, that this guy is a future star of this league. Eaton profiles as a lead off hitter having stole 38 bases while at Triple -A Reno in 2012. Eaton by mid season will hold substantial mixed league value hitting near .300 with 100+ Runs and 30+ Stolen Bases in 2013.



STOCK UP: Rick Porcello is only 24-Years-Old but is already the forgotten man in Detroit when it comes the rotation. This Spring has seen a “New and Improved” Porcello with 14 strikeouts and 0 Walks with a 2.08 ERA over 13 innings. Small sample size but I am buying into him as a mixed league end game option. Porcello suffered a .345 BABIP last season killing his ERA and WHIP but his groundball rate improved a great deal. He looks dialed in this spring and eager to earn a spot in the rotation onto a sub-3.75 ERA and 130 strikeouts in 2013.



STOCK DOWN: The 37-Year-Old Veteran Tim Hudson has 6.43 ERA in 14 innings this Spring. If you are currently selecting him as a back of the rotation option in mixed leagues. Please stop. Yes, He won 16 games a year ago after recovering from back surgery to start the year. I get it, but the increase in ERA and decrease in velocity last year is the writing on the wall for you to avoid him in 2013. Hudson currently barely holds NL-only value.



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“Perusing the Perimeter” Fantasy Baseball 2013:ESPN Radio Detroit 1090 Mock Part 2

ptp (1)On Monday Feb.18th, 2013,  I participated in a mock draft on hosted by Radio Host for ESPN Radio Detroit 1090 and Podcaster for Dennis Farrell . You can listen to the podcast covering this mock here. It was rather spur of the moment but welcomed and appreciated the invite. The Mock draft pitted me up against Trader X and some brillant fantasy baseball minds so I knew I had to do a little homework. Good thing for me I had the FT411 Draft Guide handy. Here are the first 11 rounds of the Mock draft with my thoughts on my selections and others that may have stood out for good or bad reasons. Below is Rounds 12-23 to complete the draft.

Round Team Player Pos Team
R12 P1 JOEL Dunn, Adam 1B CHW
R12 P2 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) Bailey, Homer SP CIN
R12 P3 andiesoxfan Bonifacio, Emilio OF TOR
R12 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Rodney, Fernando RP TB
R12 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Freese, David 3B STL
R12 P6 Nate Kennedy, Ian SP ARI
R12 P7 MrFantasyFreak Anderson, Brett SP OAK
R12 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Garza, Matt SP CHC
R12 P9 DUI for the queer guy Montero, Jesus C SEA
R12 P10 DennisFarrell Lester, Jon SP BOS
R12 P11 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Rutledge, Josh SS COL
R12 P12 Whudey Vogelsong, Ryan SP SF
 My Selection: The old but reliable veteran in Ryan Vogelsong wanted Homer Bailey here but @BretskyBall went all Mutumbo on me and prevented that from happening. 


Injury watch: Matt Garza looks to start the year for the Cubs on the DL suffering an Arm/Lat Type of injury which could bother him the rest of the season. Even if Garza is to return in May avoid on Draft Day.

R13 P1 Whudey Seager, Kyle 3B SEA
R13 P2 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Gomez, Carlos OF MIL
R13 P3 DennisFarrell Romo, Sergio RP SF
R13 P4 DUI for the queer guy Cruz, Nelson OF TEX
R13 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Peavy, Jake SP CHW
R13 P6 MrFantasyFreak Revere, Ben OF PHI
R13 P7 Nate Wilson, C.J. SP ANA
R13 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Putz, J.J. RP ARI
R13 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Nathan, Joe RP TEX
R13 P10 andiesoxfan Youkilis, Kevin 3B NYY
R13 P11 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) Harvey, Matt SP NYM
R13 P12 JOEL Alvarez, Pedro 3B PIT
 My Selection:Kyle Seager. Just gobbling up cheap power at this point. A Sleeper pick of mine for 2013. Seager is a better option in terms of power and average combo than other Third Baseman taken in this round. 


The steal of the round goes to…: Nate with nabbing C.J. Wilson in the 13th round?! Wow check out @unSOPable23  piece on him here.

R14 P1 JOEL Rivera, Mariano RP NYY
R14 P2 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) Cain, Lorenzo OF KC
R14 P3 andiesoxfan Perez, Chris RP CLE
R14 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Hunter, Torii OF DET
R14 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Soriano, Rafael RP WAS
R14 P6 Nate Johnson, Jim RP BAL
R14 P7 MrFantasyFreak Hardy, J.J. SS BAL
R14 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Lynn, Lance SP STL
R14 P9 DUI for the queer guy Pagan, Angel OF SF
R14 P10 DennisFarrell Hanrahan, Joel RP BOS
R14 P11 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Kuroda, Hiroki SP NYY
R14 P12 Whudey Perez, Salvador C KC
 My Selection: *taps the microphone* *clears throat* “With the 12th pick in the 14th Round Whudey selects Salvador Perez” *drops mic* 


Injury Watch: Chris Perez may be a big risk on Draft Day this early let someone esle take a chance on this guy.

R15 P1 Whudey Kubel, Jason OF ARI
R15 P2 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Fowler, Dexter OF COL
R15 P3 DennisFarrell Carpenter, Matt 3B STL
R15 P4 DUI for the queer guy Axford, John RP MIL
R15 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Wilhelmsen, Tom RP SEA
R15 P6 MrFantasyFreak Hellickson, Jeremy SP TB
R15 P7 Nate Olt, Mike 3B TEX
R15 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Niese, Jonathon SP NYM
R15 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Miley, Wade SP ARI
R15 P10 andiesoxfan Reed, Addison RP CHW
R15 P11 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) Werth, Jayson OF WAS
R15 P12 JOEL Holland, Greg RP KC
 My Selection: *picks up mic* “Oh yeah and with my next pick Whudey selects Jason Kubel” *punts mic* *moons the draft room* 


Value Meal: Lots of great value comes off the board after my pick. I like Fowler, Hellickson, Niese, Miley, and Werth this round.

R16 P1 JOEL Markakis, Nick OF BAL
R16 P2 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) Fiers, Michael SP MIL
R16 P3 andiesoxfan Maybin, Cameron OF SD
R16 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Betancourt, Rafael RP COL
R16 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) DeAza, Alejandro OF CHW
R16 P6 Nate Jeter, Derek SS NYY
R16 P7 MrFantasyFreak Beckett, Josh SP LA
R16 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Gardner, Brett OF NYY
R16 P9 DUI for the queer guy Soriano, Alfonso OF CHC
R16 P10 DennisFarrell Young, Michael 3B PHI
R16 P11 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Parker, Jarrod SP OAK
R16 P12 Whudey Gyorko, Jedd 2B SD
 My Selection: Jedd “The Geico” Gyorko…. being that this draft was about a month ago..I got laughed outta the draft room with this selection…now with the way he has been playing in Spring Training doesn’t look all that bad. 


Where is the Love?: On the podcast Dennis Farrell and the panel starting discussing about Micheal Young. Dennis Farrell LOVES this guy and as do I. Sure he is regressing but Micheal Young has been a very solid hitter his whole career in terms of average. From a player who will get about 500 guaranteed at-bats *hat tip*

R17 P1 Whudey Ruggiano, Justin OF MIA
R17 P2 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Ryu, Hyun-Jin SP LA
R17 P3 DennisFarrell Morse, Mike OF SEA
R17 P4 DUI for the queer guy Crisp, Coco OF OAK
R17 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Perkins, Glen RP MIN
R17 P6 MrFantasyFreak Morales, Kendrys 1B SEA
R17 P7 Nate Balfour, Grant RP OAK
R17 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Marcum, Shaun SP NYM
R17 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Burnett, A.J. SP PIT
R17 P10 andiesoxfan Cabrera, Everth SS SD
R17 P11 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) Lucroy, Jonathan C MIL
R17 P12 JOEL Ludwick, Ryan OF CIN
 My Selection: Ruggiano is a guy that I am targeting a great deal late in drafts. A Sleeper that has sexy pop/speed combo package. 


In the zone?: Dennis comes back for Morse and the crowd goes wild…I don’t love Morse this year as everyone will point to Safeco as a HUGE deterrent..but this late in the draft..*hat tips*

R18 P1 JOEL Segura, Jean SS MIL
R18 P2 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) Street, Huston RP SD
R18 P3 andiesoxfan Kendrick, Howie 2B ANA
R18 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) McCann, Brian C ATL
R18 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Hughes, Phil SP NYY
R18 P6 Nate Ethier, Andre OF LA
R18 P7 MrFantasyFreak Plouffe, Trevor 3B MIN
R18 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Estrada, Marco SP MIL
R18 P9 DUI for the queer guy Hudson, Tim SP ATL
R18 P10 DennisFarrell Rondon, Bruce RP DET
R18 P11 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Cuddyer, Michael OF COL
R18 P12 Whudey Frieri, Ernesto RP ANA
 My Selection: Frieri is the guy to own in LA…try not to get lost in the sauce with Ryan Madson news… 


Diamonds or Fugazis?: Kendrick, Cuddyer, Either all are selected. Each presents a case for great value to be had in 2013. With Kendrick if he sandwiches himself in between Trout and Big AL …LOOK OUT! Either just needs to make a better effort of hitting left handers. And Cuddyer needs to remain healthy.

R19 P1 Whudey Broxton, Jonathan RP CIN
R19 P2 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Eaton, Adam OF ARI
R19 P3 DennisFarrell Drew, Stephen SS BOS
R19 P4 DUI for the queer guy Grilli, Jason RP PIT
R19 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Cishek, Steve RP MIA
R19 P6 MrFantasyFreak Jansen, Kenley RP LA
R19 P7 Nate Hart, Corey 1B MIL
R19 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Minor, Mike SP ATL
R19 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Harrison, Matt SP TEX
R19 P10 andiesoxfan Masterson, Justin SP CLE
R19 P11 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) Viciedo, Dayan OF CHW
R19 P12 JOEL Cozart, Zack SS CIN
 My Selection:Homer pick. Needed a closer. Don’t Judge me. 


ZZZZZ: Gotta love a high upside gamble on a rookie Adam Eaton. I hate myself for allowing him to slip through my fingers to @FantasyNomad

R20 P1 JOEL Jackson, Edwin SP CHC
R20 P2 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) Uggla, Dan 2B ATL
R20 P3 andiesoxfan Alonso, Yonder 1B SD
R20 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Reddick, Josh OF OAK
R20 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Pierzynski, A.J. C TEX
R20 P6 Nate Garcia, Jaime SP STL
R20 P7 MrFantasyFreak Madson, Ryan RP ANA
R20 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Ogando, Alexi SP TEX
R20 P9 DUI for the queer guy Lohse, Kyle SP FA
R20 P10 DennisFarrell Rosenthal, Trevor RP STL
R20 P11 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Belt, Brandon 1B SF
R20 P12 Whudey Walker, Neil 2B PIT
 My Selection:At the time, drafting “The Geico Gyorko” was a bit foolish a few rounds back figured I save a little money on my Second Base insurance. 


He will Work for food!?: Poor Homeless Kyle Lohse someone needs to give the guy a chance. Glad “DUI for the Queer Guy” did…which by the way is one of the weirder Fantasy Team names I’ve seen. Makes me giggle a bit. Wonder if its Drake Britton?

R21 P1 Whudey Suzuki, Ichiro OF NYY
R21 P2 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Parnell, Bobby RP NYM
R21 P3 DennisFarrell Arencibia, J.P. C TOR
R21 P4 DUI for the queer guy Ackley, Dustin 2B SEA
R21 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Marte, Starling OF PIT
R21 P6 MrFantasyFreak Bauer, Tevor SP CLE
R21 P7 Nate Flowers, Tyler C CHW
R21 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Volquez, Edinson SP SD
R21 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Janssen, Casey RP TOR
R21 P10 andiesoxfan Reynolds, Mark 1B CLE
R21 P11 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) League, Brandon RP LA
R21 P12 JOEL Cahill, Trevor SP ARI
 My Selection: The Legend of Ichrio lives in New York …the change of scenery last year really seemed to help rejuvenate his game. 


Then and Now: Back in February there were four players I wouldn’t have mind selecting in this round that were chosen by draftmates. Now, just one. Can you guess who?

R22 P1 JOEL Fujikawa, Kyuji RP CHC
R22 P2 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) Pierre, Juan OF MIA
R22 P3 andiesoxfan Clippard, Tyler RP WAS
R22 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Rasmus, Colby OF TOR
R22 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Myers, Wil OF TB
R22 P6 Nate Infante, Omar 2B DET
R22 P7 MrFantasyFreak Profar, Jurickson SS TEX
R22 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Pettitte, Andy SP NYY
R22 P9 DUI for the queer guy Baker, Scott SP CHC
R22 P10 DennisFarrell Morneau, Justin 1B MIN
R22 P11 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Vargas, Jason SP ANA
R22 P12 Whudey Scutaro, Marco 2B SF
 My Selection: Scutaro (see Neil Walker) 


ZZZZZZ: Travis Rowe grabs Wil Myers and proceeds to bust out in a evil laugh…Damn him…

R23 P1 Whudey Santana, Johan SP NYM
R23 P2 Michael Pichan (, @FantasyNomad) Phelps, David RP NYY
R23 P3 DennisFarrell Ramirez, Alexei SS CHW
R23 P4 DUI for the queer guy Nakajima, Hiroyuki SS OAK
R23 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Moss, Brandon 1B OAK
R23 P6 MrFantasyFreak Taveras, Oscar OF STL
R23 P7 Nate Romero, Ricky SP TOR
R23 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Kotchman, Casey 1B MIA
R23 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) McCarthy, Brandon SP ARI
R23 P10 andiesoxfan Venters, Jonny RP ATL
R23 P11 Wayne Bretsky (, @BretskyBall) Cobb, Alex SP TB
R23 P12 JOEL Saunders, Michael OF SEA


My Selection: The Johan. I regret this pick oh so much..Thinking maybe he could stay healthy and nope that is already not the case as he is to start the year on the DL.



The rest of the round: I have reservations about every player selected here but one intrigues me… that guy…..Brandon McCarthy…just hope he can stay healthy enough to contribute to a fantasy roster.




Final Roster

Pos Name Team Pick
C Salvador Perez KC R14 P12  
1B Anthony Rizzo CHC R5 P1  
1B Ike Davis NYM R7 P1  
2B Jedd Gyorko SD R16 P12  
2B Neil Walker PIT R20 P12  
2B Marco Scutaro SF R22 P12  
SS Asdrubal Cabrera CLE R11 P1  
3B Miguel Cabrera DET R1 P1  
3B Chase Headley SD R4 P12  
3B Kyle Seager SEA R13 P1  
OF Adam Jones BAL R2 P12  
OF Alex Gordon KC R6 P12  
OF Jason Kubel ARI R15 P1  
OF Justin Ruggiano MIA R17 P1  
OF Ichiro Suzuki NYY R21 P1  
SP Clayton Kershaw LA R3 P1  
SP Jordan Zimmermann WAS R8 P12  
SP Mat Latos CIN R9 P1  
SP Jeff Samardzija CHC R10 P12  
SP Ryan Vogelsong SF R12 P12  
SP Johan Santana NYM R23 P1  
RP Ernesto Frieri ANA R18 P12  
RP Jonathan Broxton CIN R19 P1


I like the overall balance the team presents…. having a Top three pick helps …But “We talking about practice…PRACTICE!! ….not a game…PRACTICE!”..Remember to keep mocking out there folks values change daily and keep your eyes and ears open for any and all interesting Spring Training news.



Tell me what you think in the Comments section below or email me


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