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7 Reasons Why Women Should Play Fantasy Baseball

Reason #8: You can be just like Rihanna and own Matt Kemp!

Reason #8: You can be just like Rihanna and own Matt Kemp!

By Haley Dennis
You are either here because you have been sitting on the fence about whether or not to play fantasy baseball, or you are here because you were investigating your boyfriend’s computer history, you jumped to conclusions when you saw the word “fantasy”, and you assumed that he’s the reason those ads keep popping up.


Whichever case it may be, stop being skeptical. Here are 7 reasons why you should join a fantasy baseball league.
 1. Learn more about the game
Let’s be honest, you probably know who Bryce Harper is (Yes, the hot young outfielder for the Nationals.), although you might not know that he bats left-handed but throws right-handed. When you play fantasy baseball, you will learn all the statistics needed to impress every man you have a conversation with about baseball. Try it at a bar. You won’t pay for a thing, all night.
2. We love to be social
As women, we cannot deny our love affair with the social life. Fantasy baseball is a six-month-long social event, from the draft, to the playoffs, and everything in-between. For example, you will be constantly talking to your competitors about possible trades, and then, shooting them dirty emails when they decline your request. You can also use fantasy baseball as a way to make small talk in the office, and you can use social media to brag about how awesome your team is doing, as your beating the pants off of all the men in your league. That brings me to my next reason…
3. You get to shamelessly talk smack
Forget being ladylike, when it comes to fantasy sports. Females are the minority in most co-ed leagues, so we have to learn to talk trash with the boys. This is probably the only time it will be acceptable to dauntlessly tell your boss (if you are in an office league) that “a team of blind kids with no arms or legs could do better than the garbage he has in his lineup.” Talking smack is an essential part of fantasy baseball. They go together like Derek Jeter and Supermodels.
4. Experience the feeling of winning
If you are like me (a Cubs fan), and you don’t really know what it feels like for your team to win a World Series, then, by doing well in fantasy baseball, you will have the opportunity to experience the ecstasy that comes from winning a championship with a team that you care about. I only hope it takes your team less than 105+ years.
5. You are the boss
This is your team. You put Mike Trout into this lineup, and you can take him out of it (not that you ever would, barring injury)!! You make all of the executive decisions. You draft your own players. You set your own lineup. What woman wouldn’t get excited about picking her own group of guys, from hundreds of candidates? It’s like the Bachelorette, but with more men, and they are all in baseball pants. Plus, where else, besides fantasy baseball, can you trade a man out, whenever you want, and not feel bad about it?
 6. It is not as tough as you think
Your excuse for not playing last year might have been, “It seems too challenging and too difficult to keep up with.” Well, I guarantee you, fantasy baseball is much easier to keep up with than the plot twists of a daytime soap opera. There are cheat sheets to help you scout players, mock drafts to give you a sense of what your draft day will be like, and experts to tell you why it could be a bad idea to draft Dan Uggla. You are running out of excuses. Better start thinking of a witty team name.
 7. 162 games
There are 162 games in a regular season of baseball. That means, you have six months of winning most, losing some, smack talking, learning new things about the great game of baseball, excuses to eat your feelings when your players end up on the DL, being the coolest woman in the office, and the sheer pleasure of annihilating all of the men in your league.
Ladies, embrace fantasy baseball. You won’t regret it. Trust me, I am a woman, and we are always right.
Haley Dennis is a 24 year old aspiring sports journalist who lives in Oklahoma. She uses fantasy sports to escape the realities of being a Chicago Cubs and Dallas Cowboys fan and spends most of here free time defending Tony Romo. You can follow Haley at @hungoverhaley.

2014 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 1.32.14 PM

We’ve been hunkered down for the last month or so working on the 2014 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide and we’re pleased to announce that it’s finally ready! Just like last year, we’ve gotten some of the best and brightest minds in the fantasy baseball community to contribute and have upped the ante this year with both a PDF copy (like last year) and a brand-new iBook version (that looks pretty darn awesome on an iPad and includes some awesome interactive projections.


Included in this year’s Draft Guide, you’ll find:

  • Draft Day Tips/Strategies
  • Rankings that will be updated regularly
  • Player Projects
  • Expert Mock Drafts that will be updated weekly
  • Sleepers & Busts
  • Sabermetrics 101
  • Daily Fantasy Baseball 101
  • How 2013 can help 2014
  • A Look at Power vs Speed
  • Why Not to Pay for Saves
  • 30 Team Previews
    (scroll to the bottom for more image previews)

    The fee we are asking for the draft guide ($10) is a small price to pay for year-long bragging rights (and maybe some cash) in your personal leagues. To get a copy of the guide in PDF and iBook format, just donate $10 through the PayPal button below and we’ll get a copy to your inbox immediately!


    Thanks everyone for your continued support and we hope you enjoy the draft guide!



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    Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft Simulator

    Sick of doing mock drafts that are filled-up with draft bots and idiots who aren’t taking the mock seriously after the first three rounds?


    Luckily for all of us, our friends at have created an excellent mock draft simulator that takes mock drafting to a whole new level. Not only does it speed up the process by automating your opponents’ picks (using expert rankings – which include mine!), but it also offers you in-draft advice to help you make solid decisions. And best of all…it follows up with instant analysis of how you performed once your mock is over.


    Not only will you get a feel for when players will be drafted (including when your coveted sleepers are likely to be taken), but you’ll also be able to test out different draft strategies. Want to know what will happen if you take some stud pitchers early…or wait on filling your bullpen until the late rounds? No problem, just mock draft your way to a solid plan of attack.
    In addition to the great Draft Simulator tool you’ll find below, make sure you check out some other great drafting tools that FantasyPros has made available:

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    Click below to give the Draft Simulator a try. It’s free and you can draft as many times as you want. Enjoy!


    The easiest way to prepare for your draft.
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    Fantasy Baseball Mock Drafts powered by FantasyPros


    RotoHobo’s 2014 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

    Miggy or Trout? Miggy or Trout? And who's number three?

    Miggy or Trout? Miggy or Trout? And who’s number three?

    Pitchers and catchers! Pitchers and catchers!!


    With baseball season (finally) here, it’s time for some rankings! I’ll have mine posted as part of the upcoming 2014 Draft Guide that will be out late-Feb/early-March, but Mr. Ryan Hodge (@RotoHobo) was kind enough to put together his preliminary 2014 Fantasy Baseball Rankings that you’ll find below.
    Ryan will be updating these throughout the spring (so keep checking back), but in the meantime…enjoy!

    Fantasy Baseball Rankings powered by FantasyPros


    Second Half Gold


    by Chris Nowinski
    With the 2014 Winter Olympics break quickly approaching us, its time to take a close look at our hockey roster so we can make a run at the league title. Here are a list of the top 10 guys greatly unowned in ESPN leagues (99.9 %) or less that can help your squads down the stretch.


    1. Roman Josi, Defense, Nashville Predators

    Josi was 2nd round selection in the 2008 entry draft. He is a big defenseman who logs tons of minutes and is finally showing the offensive prowess he was projected to possess. In his last 10 games he has 9 points (3 goals, 6 assists) which is money for a defenseman. Doubters will look at his sub par plus/minus of -12 but he is a +9 in his last 6 contests. He also logs plenty of power play time with their offensive stud Shea Webber. The Predators are a team on the rise and so is Josi. Grab him before it’s too late.
    2 & 3. Ondrei Palat/Tyler Johnson, Forwards, Tampa Bay Lightning

    You have heard it here first. The Tampa Bay Lightning are going to the Eastern Conference Finals this year. They are getting the worlds best player back soon (Stamkos), they finally found a franchise goalie out of nowhere (Bishop), and Victor Hedman is finally realizing his potential when he was tabbed a future all-star defenseman. The Lightning are clicking on all cylinders right now. Now enter Ondrei Palat and Tyler Johnson. These 2 kids are currently playing with all-star Martin St Louis on the first line and have reaped benefits. Both young guns have 12 points in their last 13 games and we all know point per game players don’t grow on trees. Oh and by the way, Johnson just sniped a hat trick as we speak. It will be interesting to see how the lineup will shake up once Stamkos returns but the Lighting are a very good team and these 2 youngsters deserve a look.
    4. Alexander Edler, Defenseman, Vancouver Canucks

    Edler has been known all throughout his career for being a top 10 defensive playmaker in this league. injuries have plagued him this season and combined with the overall poor play of the Canucks you can understand why he’s just under 70% owned. But the dude has talent. The schedule for Vancouver also turns favorably for the franchise after the break. He also gets to play the man advantage with uber talents like the Sedin twins and Kesler and he gets plus ice time Sounds like a 2nd half match made in heaven. Grab him while you can.
    5. Cody Hodgson, Forward, Buffalo Sabres

    Hodgson is a talented center. The Buffalo Sabres are an organization in transition and Hodgson is one of their few bright spots. He piled up 34 points in 48 games last season and has 26 offensive tallies in 40 outings this season. He also benefits from playing on the sabres first line and power play with fellow sniper Matt Moulson so he gets above average ice time along with the scoring opportunities. A 0.25 power play points/games played ratio isn’t too shabby either.
    6. Jacob Trouba, Defenseman, Winnipeg Jets

    The man they call Troubaca, this 2012 9th pick overall selection has serious upside. He currently has 19 points in 35 games which puts him on pace to be a 40+ point defenseman which is fantasy gold. Another asset to his fantasy game is he isn’t a defensive liability which is evident of his +6 rating on the lowly Jets. Factor in he gets plenty of minutes and can chip in penalty minutes as well and whats not to like?
    7. Valeri Nichushkin, Forward, Dallas Stars

    A true darkhorse is every word, this kid is going to be a star. The question is how soon? As the 10th overall pick in last years draft, many people where tabbing Nichy as the most NHL ready prosect out there and he hasn’t dissapointed with 25 points in 48 games. He also sports a nice +13 rating. While those numbers don’t jump out at you, in fantasy it’s all about upside. He gets to play on the stars ultra talented top line with Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin and as he adapts more to the game i expect good things from this kid in the 2nd half.

    Hello Again, XN Sports

    Going forward, you'll be able to find me at twice a week (I'll still be here too!)

    Going forward, you’ll be able to find me at twice a week (I’ll still be here too!)

    As some of you may remember, I contributed a few articles to XN Sports last spring. I ended up getting a little busy with other various projects (and real life) and unfortunately had to stop writing there for a bit…but I’m back!


    I’m happy to say that I’ll be contributing two weekly fantasy basketball pieces to XN Sports for the rest of the season (one focusing on daily and one focusing on season-long) and will also be joining their fantasy baseball coverage for the rest of the year. It was a protracted contract negotiation, but once they relented and agreed to pick the green M&Ms out of my dressing room spread, it was a done deal.
    This new endeavor (or endeavour for my British and Canadian friends) doesn’t mean anything changes on FantasyTrade411 (I’m not going anywhere). It just means you’ll get more of me in a new place. I’m hoping you all see that as a good thing.
    Anyway, I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know what’s going on (and also say a quick thanks to Tom Fitzgerald and Tom Laverty for bringing me on board) and share my first daily article: a feature on Giannis Antetokuonmpo’s daily fantasy value.
    Keep an eye out on the Twitter feed for a link to my season-long piece later this week and give the guys at XN Sports a follow to make sure you’re not missing out on any of their great content.

    Fantasy Basketball – Players to Buy in 2014

    Now that the Christmas games are in the books in the NBA, fantasy basketball owners can officially start making some decisions on their rosters. Players who are off to slow starts might just be unable to turn it around this season. Meanwhile, people exceeding expectations might just be for real. Here are three fantasy basketball steals in the draft who should be just fine for the remainder of the season.
    LaMarcus Aldridge


    In most fantasy basketball drafts, you could wait until at least the third round before you had to pick up LaMarcus Aldridge. So far this season, he is playing like a MVP of the entire NBA. He is the leader on the Portland Trail Blazers, who are exceeding expectations in their own right. Now that he is meshing with Damian Lillard and the rest of his supporting cast, there doesn’t seem to be anything (other than injury) that could slow him down.
    Arron Afflalo
    Orlando is at least a year away from competing for the playoffs, but Afflalo has been a very bright spot for the franchise. He has been shooting and making more three pointers than he ever has in his career, and the slight tweaks he made during the offseason are really paying off. Since he will continue to be the focal point of the offense, he might just end up being a top three shooting guard in the entire NBA.
    DeMar DeRozan
    Finally, few expected DeRozan to be an efficient fantasy basketball option in 2013-2014, but so far he has been. He was a borderline top 100 player heading into the season, but he has become a better overall player this season. Now that Rudy Gay is out of town, no one should steal his opportunities. Expect him to lead the young Raptors, and they might even sneak into the playoffs this season.

    Fantasy Football: Way Too Early Rankings for 2014

    2014's Number One Overall Pick (h/t to DynastyLeagueFootball for the graphic)

    2014′s Number One Overall Pick (h/t to DynastyLeagueFootball for the graphic)

    I realize the season just ended and we haven’t even gotten to Super Bowl XLIX yet, but I wanted to take a moment to look forward to next year while this season was still fresh in our minds. In some ways, these are an exercise in futility (check out last year’s way too early rankings to see why…ahem…Aaron Hernandez), but I figured it’d be fun to keep the tradition alive and do my Second Annual WAAAAY Too Early Rankings for 2014. There’s a LOT that can happen before next August/September (and coaches are literally getting fired as I type this), but it’s never too early for all of us addicts to start thinking about next year, right?!


    I’ll preface this by saying I haven’t given more than a few hours thought to any of these rankings, but here are some quick lists (overall top 10 and then position-by-position) of where I’d rank guys for next year as of December 30, 2013. As always…I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.


    Overall Top 10 for 2014

    1. Jamaal Charles – I’d be happy to entertain arguments for LeSean McCoy here
    2. LeSean McCoy – The 1B to Charles’ 1A
    3. Calvin Johson - I hate taking WRs so early, but he’s as consistent as they come (assuming health)
    4. Matt Forte - Team Trestman does a body good
    5. Adrian Peterson - I’m a little worried he’ll be 2014′s Arian Foster, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt
    6. Eddie Lacy - A young workhorse in a league that’s becoming devoid of workshorses
    7. Marshawn Lynch – The wheels will fall off at some point, but he just keeps proving us all wrong
    8. DeMarco Murray - Murray finished the season strong and leapfrogged his way onto my list
    9. Josh Gordon – This is probably too high, but 2013 was an amazing season for Gordon
    10. Doug Martin - Risky, but he could be an absolute STEAL at this spot


    Close, but no cigar (in no particular order): Jimmy Graham, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Le’Veon Bell, Gio Bernard, Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Knowshon Moreno, A.J. Green, Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush


    Top 10 Quarterbacks for 2014
    If you like playing it REALLY safe with your first or second round pick (I don’t)…this list is for you.


    1. Drew Brees – Peyton deserves this spot, but Brees is as consistent as they come
    2. Peyton Manning - I hope he proves me wrong, but I don’t think he can keep this up
    3. Cam Newton - A very quiet Top 4 fantasy QB in each of his three seasons in the league
    4. Aaron Rodgers – Could go as high as first, but it’s hard to knock those Top 3 guys down
    5. Tony Romo – Call him whatever you want…he’s a great fantasy QB
    6. Andrew Luck – Coming off a very underrated 2013 (QB4 on the year)
    7. Russell Wilson – Can we please give him some healthy playmakers?
    8. Matthew Stafford – Proof that a mediocre real-life QB can be a great fantasy QB
    9. Nick Foles - I don’t know what to do with Foles, so 9 sounds about right
    10. Colin Kaepernick - For as much flack as he got in 2013, he still finished as QB9.


    Close, but no cigar (in no particular order): Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, Philip Rivers, Ryan Tannehill, Robert Griffin III, Jay Cutler


    Top 10 Running Backs for 2014
    This is basically a re-hash of my top 10 list so scroll up if you want explanations on any of these guys.


    1. Jamaal Charles
    2. LeSean McCoy
    3. Matt Forte
    4. Adrian Peterson
    5. Eddie Lacy
    6. Marshawn Lynch
    7. DeMarco Murray
    8. Doug Martin
    9. Le’Veon Bell
    10. Gio Bernard


    Close, but no cigar (in no particular order): Reggie Bush, Chris Johnson, Arian Foster, Knowshon Moreno, Frank Gore, Zac Stacy, Alfred Morris


    Top 10 Wide Receivers for 2014
    This list is probably going to the most fluid over the offseason, but there are plenty of great options at fantasy football’s deepest position for next year.


    1. Calvin Johnson – If he’s not healthy, all bets are off
    2. Josh Gordon - Please stay away from the sticky icky, Josh
    3. Demaryius Thomas - Things get bunched in the next few spots, but I’ll give DT the nod
    4. A.J. Green - Really consistent with really high upside is a nice combo
    5. Brandon Marshall – I’d probably drop him a spot or two if his BFF Cutler doesn’t return
    6. Dez Bryant - The upside is just too hard to pass up
    7. Julio Jones – His injury burned us all this year, but I’ll bang my head against the wall again
    8. Antonio Brown – Hard to argue against him (especially in a PPR)
    9. Alshon Jeffery - I could argue him higher than Marshall depending on the QB situation
    10. Keenan Allen - Gotta throw a wildcard in here somewhere, right?


    Close, but no cigar (in no particular order): Andre Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Michael Crabtree, Vincent Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb


    Top 10 Tight Ends for 2014
    Outside of Graham, there is no reason to reach for a tight end


    1. Jimmy Graham – There’s really no other argument for the top spot
    2. Rob Gronkowski – He’ll theoretically be ready for the season. I’d drop him a lot lower if he’s not
    3. Vernon Davis – He’s a little inconsistent from week to week, but he produces
    4. Julius Thomas – Everyone loved themselves some Orange Julius this year
    5. Jordan Cameron - Can we please give the man a good QB?
    6. Jason Witten - Old faithful
    7. Charles Clay – I might like him even more if the coaching staff in Miami gets the ax
    8. Jordan Reed – I’m hoping people forget about him going into drafts (yea, right)
    9. Martellus Bennett - Some love for Team Trestman
    10. Dennis Pitta – Probably should be Greg Olsen, but I’ll switch it up just because


    Close, but no cigar (in no particular order): Greg Olsen, Delanie Walker, Jermichael Finley, Antonio Gates, Owen Daniels, Tyler Eifert (just go away, Jermaine Gresham!)


    So what do you think? Anyone I missed? Anyone you think I have rated too high? Too low? Let me know what you think in the comments section below…I’m “looking forward” to debating this for the next 9 months! hahah