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I know, I know…there are already too many fantasy “experts” out there. Who needs another? Well anyone can give advice, but I can actually prove that my advice works: I finished last year ranked in the top 20 on ESPN’s fantasy site. I’ve been playing fantasy baseball and football for about twenty years and play pretty much any fantasy sport you can imagine (even cricket and bass fishing). Don’t believe that I finished in the top 20? Here’s my ESPN Uber Profile from last year.


Why am I here?

Simply put: I’m here to use my fantasy addiction (I own over 25 teams in baseball and football every year) to help others by sharing the strategies that help me win my leagues. There’s more than one way to win in fantasy sports, but I do pretty darn well with the way I play. I combine a lot of things in the way I manage my teams: stats, trends, news, opinions, and sometimes just plain old intuition (read: luck). I’m never going to get everything right (no one does and don’t let anyone tell you that they do), but I get it right a lot more often than I get it wrong – and that’s what winning in fantasy sports is all about.


If you’re interested in reading more of my work, here are a few links:


(I also write Fantasy Hockey updates for Rotowire.com and have appear on the RotoExperts morning show every Tuesday at 10:10 on SiriusXM Fantasy)


Learn about the rest of the FantasyTrade411.com staff:
Tony M. (@TheTonyM) – Senior Writer, Managing Editor and General Counsel
Tony is a contributing writer for FantasyTrade411.com’s fantasy football, baseball, hockey and basketball sections. Born and raised in Natick, Massachusetts before moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attend prep school at age 14, Tony has been playing and watching college and professional sports since the age of 3. Now a practicing corporate attorney (licensed in both New York and California) living in San Diego, Tony remains a die-hard Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics and Philadelphia Eagles fan. He has been playing fantasy sports for over 22 years and has won countless championships in each of the four major sports. A gym rat and a statistical nerd at heart, Tony enjoys taking a deep dive into the numbers in order to share his insightful fantasy sports knowledge. He can be reached on Twitter @TheTonyM for any fantasy sports related questions.
Michael Clifford (@SlimCliffy) - Senior Writer, Fantasy Hockey, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football
Michael is a contributing writer for FantasyTrade411.com’s fantasy hockey section, but also covers baseball and football. Michael is from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, and is a born and raised hockey player-turned-coach. He has done hockey pools for over a decade, transitioning over to fantasy hockey the last couple years. Michael is also the co-host of FantasyTrade411 Radio’s “Sports Counseling with The Doc and Slim” along with @JakobMD. He can be reached on Twitter @SlimCliffy for any fantasy hockey related question.
T (@WHUDEY) – Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball
T was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and is an elite fantasy gamer. He also hosts two shows about Fantasy Sports and Real Sports called A Case of the WHUDEYs (Monday at 8:30 AM) and Perusing the Perimeter (Thursdays at 6 PM) on FantasyTrade411 Radio. Follow T on Twitter at @WHUDEY.

Travis Rowe (@GoProFS24) – Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football, Fantasy NASCAR

Travis is a problem solver.  He’s also a writer, poker player, and mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Miami.  Whether he’s sharing his salary cap sports strategies or discussing the mental aspects of fantasy sports, he always takes an analytical approach that helps fantasy owners think more logically.
If you’re looking for objective feedback on your draft strategy, need trade advice, or want answers to your Who Do I Start questions – hit him up on Twitter @GoProFS24.
Kyle Soppe (@unSOPable23) – Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football

Kyle recently graduated college, with his final credits coming via a fantasy writing internship. Name the place and the time and Kyle is ready to discuss/debate the day’s top fantasy issues. He’s always got updated rankings in his pocket, and is more than willing to offer his insight on any issues you may come across in your quest for a fantasy football crown.
Kyle uses cold hard statistics to back his arguments, and combines humor with numbers when the opportunity presents itself. Kyle is pursuing a potential career in the field of fantasy sports (MLB, NBA, and NFL) as this is his true passion.
Joe Costello (@jcswigga) - Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football
Joe Costello is a contributing writer to FantasyTrade411.com and can be reached on Twitter to answer any type of trade as well as commissioner questions (he’s the commissioner of both baseball and football leagues and has been for a long time).
Chuck Licata (@KMACChuck) - Fantasy Football

Chuck Licata has been involved in sports broadcast media (TV, radio and online broadcasting) for 29 years and has won five journalism awards. He currently co-owns K-MAC Sports online broadcasting. He’s covered (and continues to cover) the NBA, NFL, MLB and NASCAR. He played baseball and basketball in high school.
Chuck has been involved in fantasy sports since 1985; he started winning fantasy baseball, football and racing titles in 1992. He has devoted more and more time to spotting “sleeper” trends during the course of a fantasy season as well as Opening Draft Day. He continues to work on developing a sense for in-season trends that will help fantasy players.


Robert Pallazola (@RoJoPal) - Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Robert now resides in Philadelphia, PA. He’s been playing fantasy football since 2003, and is a former high school football coach. Always a student of the game, he uses knowledge of coaching for fantasy wins.
Mike Gianella (@MikeGianella) – Fantasy Baseball
Mike is a Senior Fantasy Writer atBaseball Prospectus. He also contributes to Fantasy Trade 411. Mike was founder and creator of Roto Think Tank, a fantasy baseball blog devoted specifically to Rotisserie-style and deep league players. Mike has been playing fantasy baseball since 1987 and in expert leagues since 2003. This is his fourth year in N.L. Tout Wars. Mike is a four-time winner of the CBS Analyst League.
Chris Wassel (@ChrisWasselTHW) – Fantasy Hockey
Simply a hockey and fantasy hockey writer who shoots straight from the hip. We will shout it down from the mountain tops if necessary. No question is too big or too small and in fantasy hockey there is no such thing as a stupid question. Now a proud, accredited member of the FSWA. Host THW Live and Whats Brewin, write for Dobberhockey, and The Hockey Writers
Dale (@threestardot) - Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Hockey

Dale grew up in New Jersey playing baseball and a lot of hockey.  He ended up pursuing hockey further and played in college for three years while obtaining a degree in Communication Studies. He’s been heavily involved in pools and fantasy sports since middle school and his interest and dedication has gone up dramatically in the past year since discovering daily fantasy leagues. His attention and interest in daily leagues has only further developed his ability in standard fantasy leagues in baseball, hockey and football.  Dale can be reached on Twitter at @threestardot for questions and comments.

Seth Klein (@SethDaSportsMan) – Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Football
Seth is a contributing writer for FantasyTrade411.com, specializing in fantasy baseball, basketball and football. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, but has been a die-hard New York Giants, Knicks and Yankees fan since birth. He has been playing fantasy sports since 1999 and has since developed a real knack for daily streaming and “working the wire”, which can be attributed to his keen analysis of in-season trends. He is also a writer for the Knicks site BucketsOverBroadway.com, and you can find him gracing the airwaves on @ThaSPORTSKRIB, a weekly show dedicated to sports. Seth attended the University of Arizona, where he majored in “tardiness”, and is now a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. Feel free to send all your fantasy sports questions to Seth on Twitter @SethDaSportsMan
John Otano (@MisterOtano) – Fantasy Baseball
John Otano is a freelancer for Sports Illustrated and Web Production Assistant for MSG Varsity in New York. He was a reporter and editor for several Long Island Patch.com sites and wrote a fantasy baseball column for the Long Island Press. John can be followed on Twitter at @MisterOtano.
Kipp Yates (@KippYates) – Fantasy Football
Kipp is one of the newest additions to our FantasyTrade411 family. He covers Fantasy Football and the NFL Draft. He is on the younger side, but do not underestimate him! He has a passion for football and would love to do anything to help. Kipp is newer to fantasy baseball and basketball but is looking to learn more every day. Follow him on twitter @KippYates
Paul Giordano (@PCG1286) – Fantasy Baseball
Paul is a 20th century history teacher from Westchester, New York. He currently coaches basketball at the varsity level and has coached softball and football in the past. He is an avid sports fan who is going for the fantasy triple crown this year, he won his football and basketball championships – now it’s time for baseball season.
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