“Perusing the Perimeter” 2014 Fantasy Baseball Player Profile: Andrew McCutchen

Going into the 2013 season many of us thought there was a solid chance the Pittsburgh Pirates would compete within the NL division …But I doubt many of us outside of Pittsburgh thought they would do as well as they did… The Reigning National League MVP Andrew McCutchen rightfully deserves that title as the Pirates beat my beloved Cincinnati Reds in the wildcard play-in game and they would never been in position all year to do so without his stellar play….

If you don’t follow ya boy on twitter …First, let me tell that you should fix that and follow me here @Whudey….Second, that you know my hate runs deep for Pittsburgh and many are wondering have I gone too far with the hate with my ranking of NL MVP Andrew McCutchen ?? As it stands right now, I currently have Andrew McCutchen ranked #14th and that is probably where he will stay for the most in the 12-16 area….While it is highly doubtful anyone would ever see @TheCutch22 hit the second round (currently the 4th to 8th selection in many drafts) I for one will not be drafting him unless he is available to me in the 2nd round and here is why…

I like you and I think you are a beast…but early first round material…meh…..


It was a banner year in 2013  not just for McCutchen but the team as a whole ….My first and initial feeling is that there is no way the supporting cast makes a race for the division crown two years in a row…When you have a guy entering his sophomore season in Starling Marte who had a ridiculous .363 BABIP to go with just a modest .280 AVG somethings has got to give here…I expect both numbers to drop in a major way…limiting McCutchen’s RBI potential …. and lets look behind him in the order where a guy in Pedro Alvarez who has hit 30+ bombs two years in a row ….the sub .240 AVG on the other hand could mean he may be this year’s version of a 2013 Dan Uggla where the big power just doesn’t translate into success….which hurts McCutchen #s in stolen bases and runs scored. Let alone the pitching staff being an unknown outside of Gerrit Cole for any kind of success.

Now, let’s take a second to look at the man himself. Like I said before no doubt he deserved the NL MVP as his pre-ASB .302/.376/.471 versus his post-ASB .339/.441/.561 lines pretty much tell you all you need to know. Usually a hot starter so it was werid to see him struggle early on. He was hitting .360 in 2012 Pre-ASB. But folks this is just two years of excellent production ….In 2010 he was just in .286 hitter and in 2011 a robust .259 ……Not to mention his BABIP in 2011 of .291 compared to 2012′s .375 and 2013′s .353 …regression is gonna come at some point (previous career high was .327) …. Could he be just entering into his prime? Sure, but I still think that some regression will be there if not on the part Andrew McCutchen then his surrounding parts will fail him. A Great five-tool talent who I just cannot claim to be first rounder material…Sorry not sorry….

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  1. what on earth does his pitching have to do with his statistics? If Alvarez gets out more how does that hurt his SB potential? Wont he steal more to generate more runs?

    No mention of his career .332 BABIP? If he goes .295/.380/.490, that’s not first round? He’d be a 20 HR, 23 SB guy with 90+ runs, 85 RBIs and 20+ SBs.

    How many players batter .295 with 90+ runs, 85 RBIs and 20+ Sbs?

    This is a terrible and worthless article. not to mention poorly written. how about using a peroid.

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