The FantasyTrade411 FantasyFootball Draft Guide

If you’re one of those smart people who hasn’t drafted yet, I’ve got some good news for you: the 2013 FantasyTrade411 Fantasy Football Draft Guide is ready!
After getting such great feedback on the baseball draft guide, I took the same model and carried it over to our football draft guide. I called in some favors to some of my favorite experts from Sports Illustrated, Yahoo, Rotowire, RotoViz, and tons of other great sites that you check every day to give you guys over 125 pages of exclusive content that will help you prepare for your draft and put you on the right track for winning your league.
In the 2013 FantasyTrade411 Fantasy Football Draft Guide, you’ll find rankings, draft strategies, auction strategies, expert mock drafts, how to get your wife or girlfriend into fantasy football, advanced statistics for dummies, Daily Gaming 101, team previews, sleepers & busts, bold predictions, injury risks, and more!
How do you get your hands on it? We have a couple different options for you to purchase the draft guide:
1. Daily Gaming Options
We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends at DraftStreet to provide you with an exclusive offer that lets you draft a new team each week (and win some money) as part of DraftStreet’s daily gaming site AND get a free copy of the draft guide (NOTE: this offer is only for NEW DraftStreet customers). How do you do that?
A. Deposit $10 into DraftStreet and get a free draft guide: $10
B. Deposit $20 into DraftStreet and get a free draft guide & FantasyTrade411 membership* (details below): $25
2. Non-Daily Gaming Options
If you are already a DraftStreet customer and/or want to buy the guide as a stand-alone, there are two ways you can do so:
A. Enter $10.00 into the PayPal link below and I’ll shoot you a copy of the draft guide.
B. Enter $25.00 into the PayPal link below and you’ll get the draft guide AND access to an in-season membership* (details below)

**What’s a FantasyTrade411 Membership? It gives you access to:

  • a private  Twitter account where you can get quick and prioritized answers
  • exclusive DraftStreet lineups we’ve put together for you
  • exclusive members-only games on DraftStreet where you can take me on for cash
  • members-only chats with me and other fantasy football analysts
  • access to an exclusive weekly podcast where you can call-in to get lineup advice from me and another analyst

And if you’re still dubious about the membership, here’s a testimonial from one of last season’s members:

My team was 2-6 and tied for last place in a high stakes league.  I knew changes needed to be made, but I was having a hard time getting trades done in my league. I play in a league in which just about every other team is run by guys who are delusional about their players’ trade value, and a few of them are pretty sneaky.  I regularly check rankings, but that doesn’t really help me evaluate trades.


I noticed X was answering a ton of trade questions via twitter, and with nothing left to lose I became a Fantasy Trade 411 member.  X took a look at my roster and told me which moves to make and which trades to reject with extreme prejudice.  When you’re in a league with guys who try and hustle you, it always helps to get a second opinion on trades.  He took into account my league’s unique scoring system as well as the strengths and weaknesses of my team (something other rankings sites don’t do) and with his advice I revamped my roster.


Since then I’ve won four straight and I’m guaranteed a playoff spot, even if I fall to 6-7.  A month ago I was in last.  X’s advice was a big factor in my success, and I’ll definitely renew my membership next year.  He offers a service no one else does, and he’s a proven authority.

If you have any questions, you guys know where to find me.


- Nick “Trader X”

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