“Perusing the Perimeter” Fantasy Baseball 2013 Vol.4



In the politically correct world we live in the word “stupid” has become frown upon to use when describing ones actions. I can tell you one thing …I am allergic to stupidity … there I said it…While I don’t mean we are all stupid but as human beings we are all guilty of stupidity from time to time. Hell, I for one have no shame in admitting my erroneous ways…Shaming Justin Upton the way I did in the preseason had no merit and for that I apologize…it was stupid..but I am human….Does Jedd Gyroko suck big balls? You damn right he does..only myself would try and sell the public on using Mark Ellis as a stop gap replacement for the struggling San Diego Second Baseman on the “Peruisng the Perimeter” podcast last week….only to have Mark Ellis suffer an injury the next day…for that I am stupid…stupid for owning Jedd Gyroko in the first place and putting myself in the position I am in….In arguably the shallowest position fantasy baseball I have no where to turn and no one but to blame is myself for my own stupidity…What fantasy baseball is all about, let alone all fantasy sports, is eliminating this personal stupidity by learning from our mistakes and knowing when its time to own up for our personal transgressions….With the month of April coming to a close ….Fantasy baseball owners are looking at their teams and giving them a serious look moving forward ….as we enter the next couple of months the men will start to separate from the boys …. don’t be guilty of ignoring personal stupidity…and look to cash in on the stupidity of other owners via the wavier wire and trade..”Perusing the Perimeter” is here to help make those adjustments as we all learn from our mistakes heading into the month of May…(check out “Perusing the Perimeter” podcast Tuesday Night 8PM with Mike Gianella @MikeGianella as we discuss whats ahead for fantasy baseball owners …)




*Russell Martin 15% owned and his “Sex is on Fire” five home runs and .409/.469/.864 line the last 15 days ..a great band-aid for owners of guys like Evan Gattis and John Buck as they are cooling off a bit ….



*James Loney of Tampa Bay is a sexy option at CI but I’d be tempted to play matchups with him and guys like Mike Moustakas and Ike Davis for a few weeks and see where it gets you…Loney hitting .436/.500/.641 only owned in about 3% of leagues…



*Dustin Ackley, last 15 days he has been batting .340 folks who are scraping the barrel for production at this position could do worse than giving Ackley a week or two of your time in your MI spot..



*Pedro Alvarez is as streaky as they come and I was asked a question yesterday on twitter whether or not I would take new call-up Rockies Third Baseman Nolan Arenado over him the Rest of the season…and I told him yes…but in the short term  Pedro Alvarez is warming up a bit and is streaky as they come …so to correct my stupid answer to the question…the real answer is I would pick up Arenado and stash  for a week but give Pedro a week to prove me wrong if the recent solid production doesn’t hold make the switch…



*Jed Lowrie Watch :If you missed my “Perusing the Perimeter” podcast with @SlimCliffy I made a wager I would  rub my nipples in a Google + Hangout if Jed Lowrie reaches 300 At-bats … man of my word (although I am sure no one wants to see that..) He currently sits at 93 at-bats and is already dealing with neck stiffness and is day to day…Don’t let me down Jed…



*Nate McLouth 66.7% owned in ESPN Leagues .400/.510/.575 with 15 runs, six steals, and is hitting atop the Baltimore lineup drink the kool-aid…its delicious for a limited time only….



*Tony Cingrani: As a Cincinnati Reds fan hopefully the stupidity that is Dusty Baker and the Reds Organization will allow for the time being upon Johnny Cueto‘s return to the rotation to give a look at using Cingrani over Mike Leake..Although Leake has been throwing the ball well in two of his last three starts…Cingrani’s 28:4 K:BB ratio and 1.50 in 18 innings of work so far is rather impressive..



*Jose Valverde (DET) and Kevin Gregg(CHI) became closers this past week…a month in and everyone is screaming “Don’t pay for Saves”




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