“Perusing the Perimeter” Fantasy Baseball 2013: 30 Bold Predictions

Spring, although you wouldn’t know it living in the east coast, is here. Time for Easter Egg hunting, The Kentucky Derby, and of course America’s Past-time ..Baseball. From T-Ball to the Major Leagues the excitement of rounding the bases and competing for a title within the diamond with the arrival of spring has hit it’s fever pitch. With the MLB season set to get started on Sunday Night I wanted to give a bold prediction or two about each team heading into the 2013 campaign. Because well…bold is what I do..Also, please check out “Perusing the Perimeter” Podcast where I will discuss some of these more in depth, my guests and I will hand out awards, and crown a Pre-season World Series champion..and now I present to you my list:




Tyler Colvin

Arizona Diamondbacks: Paul Goldschimdt has a 40/20 season. Man is a beast!!


San Diego Padres: Luke Gregerson leads the team in saves with 32. ( My @FSWA Team sure hopes this one is right. )


San Franciso Giants: Tim Lincecum has a Sub 3.40 ERA. And Y’all stop hating on his hair… Timmy Slim Jim is bringing sexy back in 2013.


Colorado Rockies: Tyler Colvin Hits 30 Home Runs. I love me some Tyler Colvin…Don’t nobody be talking bad about Lou Pinella’s Boy!!!

Los Angeles Dodgers: Zack Grienke wins less games and has a higher ERA than Ted Lilly. I wouldn’t touch Greinke even if he was covered in bacon.




Dominic Brown

New York Mets: Johnathan Niese finishes the year with a better ERA than Matt Harvey….And it won’t be close.

Philadelphia Phillies: Dominic Brown finally stays with the club all year clubbing 20 plus home runs.

Atlanta Braves: Justin Upton has almost an identical year as the one he experienced in 2012. I am not sold on teh change of scenery and brotherly love improving his now Sub-B.J. Upton type game.

Miami Marlins: @LoMoMarlins will be no more on Twitter, once he is traded at some point this year.

Washington Nationals:  Jayson Werth makes the All-Star team having a monster first half with 15-20 Home Runs.




Zack Cozart


Chicago Cubs: Carlos Marmol has more saves than Kyuji Fujikawa in a Cubs uniform.

St. Louis Cardinals: Jamie Garcia has a 3.50 ERA or lower. (Biased because we share the same birthday.)

Cincinnati Reds: Zack Cozart hits 20 + Home Runs.

Miwaukee Brewers: Kyle Loshe will struggle to make 10 starts. Scott Boras strikes agian.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Wandy Rodriguez has 140+ Strikeouts season.





Jeff Keppinger

Chicago White Sox: Jeff Keppinger hits 15 Home Runs and will have more RBIs than Dayan Viciedo.

Cleveland Indians: Drew Stubbs goes 20/30 (albeit with a .240 Average)

Kansas City Royals: Mike Moustakas hits 35 Home Runs and James Shields wins 20 + games.

Detroit Tigers: Rick Porcello has a 3.50 ERA or lower. (I am a believer of his spring.)

Minnesota Twins: Trevor Plouffe will smack less than 15 Home Runs.


Curtis Granderson


 New York Yankees: Curtis Granderson has more Home Runs and RBIs than Robinson Cano 

Boston Red Sox: David Oritz and Jacoby Ellsbury play a total of less than 10 games together.

Tampa Bay Rays:  Hellickson leads the team with a Sub-3.20 ERA

Baltimore Orioles  Adam Jones wins the Triple Crown

Toronto Blue Jays: Colby Ramus has a higher batting average than Melky Cabrera





Mike Trout


Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:  Mike Trout never goes through “regression” and has a better sophomore season from his rookie campaign.

Oakland As: Last year wasn’t all just “Moneyball” Magic. The Oakland As will make a return to the postseason…somehow …someway.

Seattle Mariners:Mike Morse goes back to the Morse that was in Seattle the first time around.

Texas Rangers:Ron Washington fired before the year is over and the team has a winning record.

Houston Astros: On the doorstep of a projected worst season ever in Major League Baseball …I’ll leave this team alone…



For My Final Personal Fantasy Baseball Rankings  and the FT411 Team before the 2013 MLB season gets underway next week click here.



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