Fantasy Baseball: 2013 Staff Rankings

Trout? Cabrera? Braun? Who's number 1? (and is there even a wrong answer?)

Trout? Cabrera? Braun? Who’s number 1? (and is there even a wrong answer?)

Those of you (aka the smart ones) who bought the FantasyTrade411 Draft Guide have had our rankings for over a month now, but for those of you who didn’t (there’s still time!)…it’s finally rankings time!


The 2013 Fantasy Baseball season is about to begin and I know a lot of you have drafts over the next week or so. To help you with your draft, we’ve compiled our FantasyTrade411 Staff Rankings with the help of our friends over at FantasyPros. For the past couple weeks, T, Tony, Cliffy, and I have been putting a fine-tooth comb through our rankings and have finally combined them all into one nice little chart for you below. You can go back to FantasyPros and see each of our individual rankings if you trust one of us more than the other, but the rankings below are a nice safe average of the four of us.


I hope these rankings give you a nice guideline for your draft, but I highly urge you to make these rankings your own. There’s a 100% guarantee that these rankings won’t be completely correct so if you like Johnny Cueto over Mat Latos (for example)…by all means, put Cueto above Latos. The rankings below (and really any other fantasy analysts’ rankings) are our best guess based on all the research we’ve done and will give you a great guideline if you want to use them exactly as we give them to you, but fantasy baseball is all about making it your own and I guarantee you’ll have a lot more fun if you tweak these to your own personal tastes.


And one last time…go check out the draft guide!!

2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings powered by FantasyPros



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  1. Jay says:

    I think ranking Stanton down in the 30s like half of these guys do is completely insane. Look at his numbers after he came back from knee surgery. It was a 60+ HR pace over 162 games. He’s 23. I know people are down on his lineup around him, but it’s not like he’ll be walked with a runner on first or the bases empty. McCutchen’s surrounding talent isn’t that much better and he’s just fine. I have a hard time imagining him staying healthy and not being a top 5 outfielder.

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