Unveiling Plans For The Fantasy Hockey Mailbag

We are slowly putting the pieces together on a Fantasy Hockey Mailbag for Crunchtime! (File Photo)

We are slowly putting the pieces together on a Fantasy Hockey Mailbag for Crunchtime! (File Photo)

Hello everybody! We apologize for the unusually short post but this is important. As injuries have reached levels of pure insanity along with the volume of questions, that we heavily appreciate by the way, it is time for a Fantasy Hockey Mailbag. Whether, its me, Tony, or Cliffy himself, no question will be too big or too small. Naturally, we’ll take the best questions and they will get their proper place right here.

Now some are going to ask, why do this now? Simply, this is fantasy hockey crunch time! For those in H2H leagues, there are just a few short weeks before the playoff starts. In all other leagues, the second half is truly make or break especially when some trends start to take a life of their own. It really has an important place given the times and who knows, it may eventually give rise to a Google+ Hangout perhaps.

Also, keep in mind, that the questions have no limit. If you want to ask about daily fantasy hockey leagues, we are more than ready. As a matter of fact, you surely have seen the daily columns on here for Fanduel I am sure. We are thankful that you have followed us for so long throughout the early part of this shortened season.

Lastly, please with trade deadlines approaching, if you have any and all trade questions, we want to hear those too. The goal is to try and offer as many avenues as possible to give you, the fantasy hockey player, the right answers. Thanks again for reading and hopefully every Wednesday, we will be able to deliver the mailbag to you.


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4 Responses to 'Unveiling Plans For The Fantasy Hockey Mailbag'

  1. chris says:

    I havent seen the lineups here i nthe last couple days am i missing something?

    • Trader X says:

      Sorry, bud. Been swamped and haven’t gotten around to doing basketball for a few days. I’m away this weekend but will get those started again on Monday.

  2. Chris Wassel says:

    The guys have been a little busy….they will get on it I am sure.

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