NHL FanDuel Lineup for March 7, 2013

Guess who’s back!?

While all of my lineups finished in the money last night, a few of them were close. I believe I saw one 50/50 where 9 of you were tied for 23rd place. The highest I finished in a 50 team 50/50 was 18 and in a 20 team 50/50, I finished 8th. What hurt the lineup was the late scratch of Marian Hossa. According to beat writers, he was scratched 10 minutes before the game with an “upper body injury”.  With Hossa out, Chicago’s first line was Saad-Toews-Carcillo. If you check out the box score, each of them put up points on the FanDuel board. Had Hossa been in the lineup, we would have finished a bit higher up the leaderboard.
If you have been following my lineups, we have now cashed in every lineup since Friday for a total of eight total wins in a row, so I hope to keep it up. This lineup at FanDuel locks at 7pm East / 4pm West.
What is Daily Gaming?
In case you had not noticed, “daily gaming” has made giant strides in the fantasy sports world over the past two years. Daily games in fantasy hockey allow you the opportunity to pick a new team of your favorite players each night. Depending on the type of game you play, you could earn thousands of dollars in any given contest. The best part about this is that, in the majority of U.S. states, it is all legal so you do not have to go around talking about how you risked “jelly beans”.
Once you have registered for an account at FanDuel and have deposited $10 using PayPal (and I know that you have spent $10 on worse habits such as buying a case, yes, a case of Schlitz), all you need to do is choose a $1, $2 or $535 matchup in the draft lobby, pick your roster while staying under the $55,000 salary cap, and then sit back and enjoy watching your stats compile all night! I promise that it is a great and fun way to enjoy the NHL action on any given night and a simple way to win some quick cash if you know what you are doing (or if you follow my advice).
My 3/7/2013 NHL Lineup
Now that we have covered the basics, below is the lineup that I will use tonight in a $109 game and a handful of 50/50 games to ensure some payout, which has been my strategy over the past two and a half weeks. More often than not, I have finished inside the top 25 in these 50/50 games and while the payout is small, it somewhat hedges your cash in your head-to-head matchup if you happen to face a shark in any given day. Just to be clear, I play in 50 player 50/50 games as it is much easier, in my opinion, to finish in the top 25 than it is to finish in the top 50% of a smaller 50/50 game. That said, I do roll out the cash for the larger payout 50/50s if I feel great about my squad.
On with the lineup:
LW: Max Pacioretty ($8,700)
LW: Dustin Penner ($4,400)
RW: Jakub Voracek ($7,500)
RW: Jannik Hanssen ($5,000)
C: Anze Kopitar ($7,000)
C: Sidney Crosby ($9,900)
D: Dougie Hamilton ($4,400)
D: Kimmo Timonen ($4,800)
G: Jake Allen ($3,300)
Salary remaining: $0.
After the short schedule last night, it is a little overwhelming trying to find the potential point scorers in an 11-game evening. My first stop is to examine the early Las Vegas money lines as well as try to examine where the sharps have their money. Early large favorites are the Bruins, Canucks, Red Wings and Kings. While those teams have a lot of fantastic players, the game that I am most interested in, fantasy-wise, is the Penguin/Flyer game. Both teams have been putting pucks in the goal over the past few weeks. The reinvigorated and healthy first line in Philadelphia of Hartnell-Giroux-Voracek has been exceptionally productive from a fantasy perspective (even though the team is coming off a rough 4-2 loss to the Rangers in NYC). Jakub Voracek has been putting up 5.7 FanDuel points per game over the past 6 six games, which has driven his cost up well past the $7K threshold. Just last week he was still in the $6K range. However, the way he has been playing, coupled with the fact he had his hand in both goals the Flyers scored in their loss, leads me to believe there is still value at his current salary.
Heavily prominent in my lineup is a pair of Los Angeles Kings players – Anze Kopitar and Dustin Penner. The Kings are one of the hottest teams in the league now. Moreover, they have not lost a home game in regulation since falling to the Blackhawks in the season opener on January 19.
As I set this lineup well before the games are played in any given night, please make sure you check my Twitter timeline close to the first puck drop to see if I have made any swaps. The one item I am unsure of as of this posting is my goalie situation.
Access to FanDuel
With our new partnership with FanDuel, you get to reap some of the rewards as a loyal reader of FantasyTrade411.com. If you click-through here and sign up for a new account with FanDuel, you will receive free money on your deposit when you put in the promo code “FT411″.  Thus, when you enter the promo code, you will receive an extra $5 for a $10 deposit; a $10 bonus for a $25 deposit; a $20 bonus for a $100 deposit; and a $30 bonus for a $200 deposit.
No matter how well you are doing in this shortened 2012-2013 fantasy hockey season thus far, it is never too late to head over to FanDuel, draft a new team for tonight’s NHL action and enjoy watching the games!
A 23-year fantasy sports veteran and a California and New York licensed corporate attorney by day, I am the managing editor/senior writer/general counsel of FantasyTrade411.com. I am also a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. Please feel free to contact me at any time on twitter @TheTonyM with your fantasy sports questions. Be sure to listen to my podcast “Sports Counseling with the Doc and Slim” with my radio partner, Michael Clifford (aka @SlimCliffy) on the Fantasy Trade 411 Radio Network.

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