“Perusing the Perimeter” Fantasy Baseball 2013:ESPN Radio Detroit 1090 Mock Part 2

ptp (1)On Monday Feb.18th, 2013,  I participated in a mock draft on MockDraftCentral.com hosted by Radio Host for ESPN Radio Detroit 1090 and Podcaster for FP911.com Dennis Farrell . You can listen to the podcast covering this mock here. It was rather spur of the moment but welcomed and appreciated the invite. The Mock draft pitted me up against Trader X and some brillant fantasy baseball minds so I knew I had to do a little homework. Good thing for me I had the FT411 Draft Guide handy. Here are the first 11 rounds of the Mock draft with my thoughts on my selections and others that may have stood out for good or bad reasons. Below is Rounds 12-23 to complete the draft.

Round Team Player Pos Team
R12 P1 JOEL Dunn, Adam 1B CHW
R12 P2 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Bailey, Homer SP CIN
R12 P3 andiesoxfan Bonifacio, Emilio OF TOR
R12 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Rodney, Fernando RP TB
R12 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Freese, David 3B STL
R12 P6 Nate Kennedy, Ian SP ARI
R12 P7 MrFantasyFreak Anderson, Brett SP OAK
R12 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Garza, Matt SP CHC
R12 P9 DUI for the queer guy Montero, Jesus C SEA
R12 P10 DennisFarrell Lester, Jon SP BOS
R12 P11 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Rutledge, Josh SS COL
R12 P12 Whudey Vogelsong, Ryan SP SF
 My Selection: The old but reliable veteran in Ryan Vogelsong wanted Homer Bailey here but @BretskyBall went all Mutumbo on me and prevented that from happening. 


Injury watch: Matt Garza looks to start the year for the Cubs on the DL suffering an Arm/Lat Type of injury which could bother him the rest of the season. Even if Garza is to return in May avoid on Draft Day.

R13 P1 Whudey Seager, Kyle 3B SEA
R13 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Gomez, Carlos OF MIL
R13 P3 DennisFarrell Romo, Sergio RP SF
R13 P4 DUI for the queer guy Cruz, Nelson OF TEX
R13 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Peavy, Jake SP CHW
R13 P6 MrFantasyFreak Revere, Ben OF PHI
R13 P7 Nate Wilson, C.J. SP ANA
R13 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Putz, J.J. RP ARI
R13 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Nathan, Joe RP TEX
R13 P10 andiesoxfan Youkilis, Kevin 3B NYY
R13 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Harvey, Matt SP NYM
R13 P12 JOEL Alvarez, Pedro 3B PIT
 My Selection:Kyle Seager. Just gobbling up cheap power at this point. A Sleeper pick of mine for 2013. Seager is a better option in terms of power and average combo than other Third Baseman taken in this round. 


The steal of the round goes to…: Nate with nabbing C.J. Wilson in the 13th round?! Wow check out @unSOPable23  piece on him here.

R14 P1 JOEL Rivera, Mariano RP NYY
R14 P2 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Cain, Lorenzo OF KC
R14 P3 andiesoxfan Perez, Chris RP CLE
R14 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Hunter, Torii OF DET
R14 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Soriano, Rafael RP WAS
R14 P6 Nate Johnson, Jim RP BAL
R14 P7 MrFantasyFreak Hardy, J.J. SS BAL
R14 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Lynn, Lance SP STL
R14 P9 DUI for the queer guy Pagan, Angel OF SF
R14 P10 DennisFarrell Hanrahan, Joel RP BOS
R14 P11 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Kuroda, Hiroki SP NYY
R14 P12 Whudey Perez, Salvador C KC
 My Selection: *taps the microphone* *clears throat* “With the 12th pick in the 14th Round Whudey selects Salvador Perez” *drops mic* 


Injury Watch: Chris Perez may be a big risk on Draft Day this early let someone esle take a chance on this guy.

R15 P1 Whudey Kubel, Jason OF ARI
R15 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Fowler, Dexter OF COL
R15 P3 DennisFarrell Carpenter, Matt 3B STL
R15 P4 DUI for the queer guy Axford, John RP MIL
R15 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Wilhelmsen, Tom RP SEA
R15 P6 MrFantasyFreak Hellickson, Jeremy SP TB
R15 P7 Nate Olt, Mike 3B TEX
R15 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Niese, Jonathon SP NYM
R15 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Miley, Wade SP ARI
R15 P10 andiesoxfan Reed, Addison RP CHW
R15 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Werth, Jayson OF WAS
R15 P12 JOEL Holland, Greg RP KC
 My Selection: *picks up mic* “Oh yeah and with my next pick Whudey selects Jason Kubel” *punts mic* *moons the draft room* 


Value Meal: Lots of great value comes off the board after my pick. I like Fowler, Hellickson, Niese, Miley, and Werth this round.

R16 P1 JOEL Markakis, Nick OF BAL
R16 P2 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Fiers, Michael SP MIL
R16 P3 andiesoxfan Maybin, Cameron OF SD
R16 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Betancourt, Rafael RP COL
R16 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) DeAza, Alejandro OF CHW
R16 P6 Nate Jeter, Derek SS NYY
R16 P7 MrFantasyFreak Beckett, Josh SP LA
R16 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Gardner, Brett OF NYY
R16 P9 DUI for the queer guy Soriano, Alfonso OF CHC
R16 P10 DennisFarrell Young, Michael 3B PHI
R16 P11 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Parker, Jarrod SP OAK
R16 P12 Whudey Gyorko, Jedd 2B SD
 My Selection: Jedd “The Geico” Gyorko…. being that this draft was about a month ago..I got laughed outta the draft room with this selection…now with the way he has been playing in Spring Training doesn’t look all that bad. 


Where is the Love?: On the podcast Dennis Farrell and the panel starting discussing about Micheal Young. Dennis Farrell LOVES this guy and as do I. Sure he is regressing but Micheal Young has been a very solid hitter his whole career in terms of average. From a player who will get about 500 guaranteed at-bats *hat tip*

R17 P1 Whudey Ruggiano, Justin OF MIA
R17 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Ryu, Hyun-Jin SP LA
R17 P3 DennisFarrell Morse, Mike OF SEA
R17 P4 DUI for the queer guy Crisp, Coco OF OAK
R17 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Perkins, Glen RP MIN
R17 P6 MrFantasyFreak Morales, Kendrys 1B SEA
R17 P7 Nate Balfour, Grant RP OAK
R17 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Marcum, Shaun SP NYM
R17 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Burnett, A.J. SP PIT
R17 P10 andiesoxfan Cabrera, Everth SS SD
R17 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Lucroy, Jonathan C MIL
R17 P12 JOEL Ludwick, Ryan OF CIN
 My Selection: Ruggiano is a guy that I am targeting a great deal late in drafts. A Sleeper that has sexy pop/speed combo package. 


In the zone?: Dennis comes back for Morse and the crowd goes wild…I don’t love Morse this year as everyone will point to Safeco as a HUGE deterrent..but this late in the draft..*hat tips*

R18 P1 JOEL Segura, Jean SS MIL
R18 P2 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Street, Huston RP SD
R18 P3 andiesoxfan Kendrick, Howie 2B ANA
R18 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) McCann, Brian C ATL
R18 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Hughes, Phil SP NYY
R18 P6 Nate Ethier, Andre OF LA
R18 P7 MrFantasyFreak Plouffe, Trevor 3B MIN
R18 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Estrada, Marco SP MIL
R18 P9 DUI for the queer guy Hudson, Tim SP ATL
R18 P10 DennisFarrell Rondon, Bruce RP DET
R18 P11 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Cuddyer, Michael OF COL
R18 P12 Whudey Frieri, Ernesto RP ANA
 My Selection: Frieri is the guy to own in LA…try not to get lost in the sauce with Ryan Madson news… 


Diamonds or Fugazis?: Kendrick, Cuddyer, Either all are selected. Each presents a case for great value to be had in 2013. With Kendrick if he sandwiches himself in between Trout and Big AL …LOOK OUT! Either just needs to make a better effort of hitting left handers. And Cuddyer needs to remain healthy.

R19 P1 Whudey Broxton, Jonathan RP CIN
R19 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Eaton, Adam OF ARI
R19 P3 DennisFarrell Drew, Stephen SS BOS
R19 P4 DUI for the queer guy Grilli, Jason RP PIT
R19 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Cishek, Steve RP MIA
R19 P6 MrFantasyFreak Jansen, Kenley RP LA
R19 P7 Nate Hart, Corey 1B MIL
R19 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Minor, Mike SP ATL
R19 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Harrison, Matt SP TEX
R19 P10 andiesoxfan Masterson, Justin SP CLE
R19 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Viciedo, Dayan OF CHW
R19 P12 JOEL Cozart, Zack SS CIN
 My Selection:Homer pick. Needed a closer. Don’t Judge me. 


ZZZZZ: Gotta love a high upside gamble on a rookie Adam Eaton. I hate myself for allowing him to slip through my fingers to @FantasyNomad

R20 P1 JOEL Jackson, Edwin SP CHC
R20 P2 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Uggla, Dan 2B ATL
R20 P3 andiesoxfan Alonso, Yonder 1B SD
R20 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Reddick, Josh OF OAK
R20 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Pierzynski, A.J. C TEX
R20 P6 Nate Garcia, Jaime SP STL
R20 P7 MrFantasyFreak Madson, Ryan RP ANA
R20 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Ogando, Alexi SP TEX
R20 P9 DUI for the queer guy Lohse, Kyle SP FA
R20 P10 DennisFarrell Rosenthal, Trevor RP STL
R20 P11 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Belt, Brandon 1B SF
R20 P12 Whudey Walker, Neil 2B PIT
 My Selection:At the time, drafting “The Geico Gyorko” was a bit foolish a few rounds back figured I save a little money on my Second Base insurance. 


He will Work for food!?: Poor Homeless Kyle Lohse someone needs to give the guy a chance. Glad “DUI for the Queer Guy” did…which by the way is one of the weirder Fantasy Team names I’ve seen. Makes me giggle a bit. Wonder if its Drake Britton?

R21 P1 Whudey Suzuki, Ichiro OF NYY
R21 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Parnell, Bobby RP NYM
R21 P3 DennisFarrell Arencibia, J.P. C TOR
R21 P4 DUI for the queer guy Ackley, Dustin 2B SEA
R21 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Marte, Starling OF PIT
R21 P6 MrFantasyFreak Bauer, Tevor SP CLE
R21 P7 Nate Flowers, Tyler C CHW
R21 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Volquez, Edinson SP SD
R21 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Janssen, Casey RP TOR
R21 P10 andiesoxfan Reynolds, Mark 1B CLE
R21 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) League, Brandon RP LA
R21 P12 JOEL Cahill, Trevor SP ARI
 My Selection: The Legend of Ichrio lives in New York …the change of scenery last year really seemed to help rejuvenate his game. 


Then and Now: Back in February there were four players I wouldn’t have mind selecting in this round that were chosen by draftmates. Now, just one. Can you guess who?

R22 P1 JOEL Fujikawa, Kyuji RP CHC
R22 P2 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Pierre, Juan OF MIA
R22 P3 andiesoxfan Clippard, Tyler RP WAS
R22 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Rasmus, Colby OF TOR
R22 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Myers, Wil OF TB
R22 P6 Nate Infante, Omar 2B DET
R22 P7 MrFantasyFreak Profar, Jurickson SS TEX
R22 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Pettitte, Andy SP NYY
R22 P9 DUI for the queer guy Baker, Scott SP CHC
R22 P10 DennisFarrell Morneau, Justin 1B MIN
R22 P11 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Vargas, Jason SP ANA
R22 P12 Whudey Scutaro, Marco 2B SF
 My Selection: Scutaro (see Neil Walker) 


ZZZZZZ: Travis Rowe grabs Wil Myers and proceeds to bust out in a evil laugh…Damn him…

R23 P1 Whudey Santana, Johan SP NYM
R23 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Phelps, David RP NYY
R23 P3 DennisFarrell Ramirez, Alexei SS CHW
R23 P4 DUI for the queer guy Nakajima, Hiroyuki SS OAK
R23 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Moss, Brandon 1B OAK
R23 P6 MrFantasyFreak Taveras, Oscar OF STL
R23 P7 Nate Romero, Ricky SP TOR
R23 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Kotchman, Casey 1B MIA
R23 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) McCarthy, Brandon SP ARI
R23 P10 andiesoxfan Venters, Jonny RP ATL
R23 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Cobb, Alex SP TB
R23 P12 JOEL Saunders, Michael OF SEA


My Selection: The Johan. I regret this pick oh so much..Thinking maybe he could stay healthy and nope that is already not the case as he is to start the year on the DL.



The rest of the round: I have reservations about every player selected here but one intrigues me… that guy…..Brandon McCarthy…just hope he can stay healthy enough to contribute to a fantasy roster.




Final Roster

Pos Name Team Pick
C Salvador Perez KC R14 P12  
1B Anthony Rizzo CHC R5 P1  
1B Ike Davis NYM R7 P1  
2B Jedd Gyorko SD R16 P12  
2B Neil Walker PIT R20 P12  
2B Marco Scutaro SF R22 P12  
SS Asdrubal Cabrera CLE R11 P1  
3B Miguel Cabrera DET R1 P1  
3B Chase Headley SD R4 P12  
3B Kyle Seager SEA R13 P1  
OF Adam Jones BAL R2 P12  
OF Alex Gordon KC R6 P12  
OF Jason Kubel ARI R15 P1  
OF Justin Ruggiano MIA R17 P1  
OF Ichiro Suzuki NYY R21 P1  
SP Clayton Kershaw LA R3 P1  
SP Jordan Zimmermann WAS R8 P12  
SP Mat Latos CIN R9 P1  
SP Jeff Samardzija CHC R10 P12  
SP Ryan Vogelsong SF R12 P12  
SP Johan Santana NYM R23 P1  
RP Ernesto Frieri ANA R18 P12  
RP Jonathan Broxton CIN R19 P1


I like the overall balance the team presents…. having a Top three pick helps …But “We talking about practice…PRACTICE!! ….not a game…PRACTICE!”..Remember to keep mocking out there folks values change daily and keep your eyes and ears open for any and all interesting Spring Training news.



Tell me what you think in the Comments section below or email me Fantasyworldorder1@gmail.com


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