Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide Preview: “10 Things We Can Learn From 2012″

As most of you have seen on Twitter, we released the 2013 FantasyTrade411 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide right before Valentine’s day. The positive response has been absolutely overwhelming (and humbling), but I’ve also had some folks understandably ask for a preview of the guide before they spend their well-earned $9.99. Don’t worry…I don’t blame you. I waffle before I make a purchase all the time.


To help you make your decision(and hopefully sway you to the dark side), I’m going to start releasing a quick preview of each piece that we have in the draft guide over the next few weeks. We have a full list of what’s in the guide over on the site, but today’s preview is an awesome piece by our own Joe Costello called, “10 Things We Can Learn From 2012″.


It can be a painful, but looking back at my previous fantasy baseball season can be an extremely helpful exercise. I can always learn a few key lesson by looking back at the previous year’s trends as well as my successes and errors. To this end, Joe Costello was tasked with taking a look back at the fantasy baseball year that was 2012 and give us 10 lessons that we can use to inform our 2013. I’m obviously biased, but I think you’ll agree that Joe didn’t a fantastic job.  Here’s a quick screenshot of ‘What We Can Learn From 2012′ piece (and there are two and a half more pages of this article to go along with the preview below):


Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 11.36.06 AM (1)


I hope you enjoyed that quick preview, and again…there are two and a half more pages of that article in the draft guide, along with 137 more pages that you can read about here. And if you’ve ever wanted to try daily gaming, we’re also offering a special deal for first-time FanDuel customers that gives you $10 free on FanDuel along with the purchase of the draft guide!


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