Fantasy Basketball: FanDuel Lineup for 3/4

He didn't have a great game yesterday, but I'm still on Team Tobias

He didn’t have a great game yesterday, but I’m still on Team Tobias

For those of you that are new to this column, I’ve been trying to get myself through the winter doldrums by playing daily fantasy basketball on FanDuel (and hopefully make some money in the process). I’ll be posting my picks each and every day to give you all some insight into who I’ve identified as value picks for my roster. I’ll also be posting my results for each night (see below) so that you have some transparency into whether you want to listen to me or not.


How am I doing?

I didn’t play over the weekend (I was away visiting the in-laws), but am 39-27 since I started posting these articles. I generally play head-to-head leagues and 50/50 leagues, but I’ve been having the most success in 50/50 leagues lately. They offer less upside, but they also eliminate the risk of running up against a shark in a head-to-head matchup.


What’s Daily Gaming?

If you’re not familiar with daily gaming, it’s a fun (and legal) way to pick a one-day team and put your roster up against other users (and hopefully win some cash in the process). If you’re a new user on FanDuel, go here to register for an account and deposit $10 using PayPal (I know for a fact that you’ve spent $10 on worse things). Then, all you need to do is choose a $2 or $5 matchup in the draft lobby, pick your roster while staying under the 60K salary cap, and then sit back and enjoy watching your stats compile all night! I promise…it’s a ton of fun and an easy way to win some quick cash if you know what you’re doing (or if you listen to my lineup tips below…)


I’ve done all the work for you identifying guys for tonight by looking at trends and matchups and all that jazz (and with a little help from the boys at LuDawgs), so you all you need to do is go in and pick your players I’ve listed below (and yes, I’ll be playing the exact same lineup, so we can ride or die together on this one).


My Lineup for Tonight


Point Guard: Kyle Lowry ($6,500)

Point Guard: Stephen Curry ($9,300)

Shooting Guard: Corey Brewer ($4,800)

Shooting Guard: Arron Afflalo ($6,200)

Small Forward: Tobias Harris ($5,200)

Small Forward: LeBron James ($9,900)

Power Forward: Ersan Ilyasova ($7,300)

Power Forward: Derrick Williams ($6,300)

Center: Enes Kanter ($4,400)


That’s all I’ve got for you today, so go to FanDuel and sign up for an account to get started! .


And if you’re still trying to wrap your head around daily gaming and strategies, here’s a post I wrote for BetVega that gives you some tips on how to win on FanDuel.


Good luck!


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