“Perusing the Perimeter” Fantasy Baseball 2013: ESPN Radio Detroit 1090 Mock Part 1

ptp (1)On Monday Feb.18th, 2013,  I participated in a mock draft on MockDraftCentral.com hosted by Radio Host for ESPN Radio Detroit 1090 and Podcaster for FP911.com Dennis Farrell . You can listen to the podcast covering this mock here. It was rather spur of the moment but welcomed and appreciated the invite. The Mock draft pitted me up against Trader X and some brillant fantasy baseball minds so I knew I had to do a little homework. Good thing for me I had the FT411 Draft Guide handy. Below are the first 11 rounds of the Mock draft with my thoughts on my selections and others that may have stood out for good or bad reasons. 

Round Team Player Pos Team
R1 P1 Whudey Cabrera, Miguel 3B DET
R1 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Trout, Mike OF ANA
R1 P3 DennisFarrell Kemp, Matt OF LA
R1 P4 DUI for the queer guy Braun, Ryan OF MIL
R1 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Cano, Robinson 2B NYY
R1 P6 MrFantasyFreak McCutchen, Andrew OF PIT
R1 P7 Nate Gonzalez, Carlos OF COL
R1 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Votto, Joey 1B CIN
R1 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Pujols, Albert 1B ANA
R1 P10 andiesoxfan Beltre, Adrian 3B TEX
R1 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Upton, Justin OF ATL
R1 P12 JOEL Fielder, Prince 1B DET
  My Selection: With the first pick in the draft many will go Ryan Braun or Mike Trout here. I went with Miggy because I felt he was the safest player to draft. Ryan Braun does intrigue me there given how solid he has been as a fantasy monster the last few seasons and Trout has the upside but not something I’m comfortable taking such a huge risk on at 1.01. 


Things that make you go Hmmm: Justin Upton at 1.11? Even at the back of the round Justin Upton is too much of an unknown after a disaster campaign in 2012 with the Diamondbacks. Could he bounce back? Very well could but the 1st round isn’t the place for those types of gambles.


R2 P1 JOEL Longoria, Evan 3B TB
R2 P2 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Tulowitzki, Troy SS COL
R2 P3 andiesoxfan Harper, Bryce OF WAS
R2 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Hamilton, Josh OF ANA
R2 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Wright, David 3B NYM
R2 P6 Nate Posey, Buster C SF
R2 P7 MrFantasyFreak Stanton, Giancarlo OF MIA
R2 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Bautista, Jose OF TOR
R2 P9 DUI for the queer guy Granderson, Curtis OF NYY
R2 P10 DennisFarrell Reyes, Jose SS TOR
R2 P11 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Ramirez, Hanley SS LA
R2 P12 Whudey Jones, Adam OF BAL
  My Selection: Was hoping to get Harper with this selection but taking PacMan I can stomach. Adam Jones is becoming one of the more primer outfielders in the game. After a career year in 2012 and the arrow still trending upward, Jones is as solid of selection to close the 2nd round as any.


Public Service Announcement  This is why Trader X recommends you try and draft as close to the start of the year as possible. Granderson going 2.09 is yesterday’s news.


R3 P1 Whudey Kershaw, Clayton SP LA
R3 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Heyward, Jason OF ATL
R3 P3 DennisFarrell Gonzalez, Adrian 1B LA
R3 P4 DUI for the queer guy Goldschmidt, Paul 1B ARI
R3 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Verlander, Justin SP DET
R3 P6 MrFantasyFreak Castro, Starlin SS CHC
R3 P7 Nate Upton, B.J. OF ATL
R3 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Craig, Allen 1B STL
R3 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Encarnacion, Edwin 1B TOR
R3 P10 andiesoxfan Cespedes, Yoenis OF OAK
R3 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Holliday, Matt OF STL
R3 P12 JOEL Bruce, Jay OF CIN
 My Selection: I don’t normally grab pitchers until late in the draft. But as I thought about Clayton/Verlander vs Heyward and then Clayton vs Verlander…the value of getting Clayton in the third round tough to ignore. Now I have an anchor to my pitching staff.


Things that make you go hmmmm: Watch out for the drafting Runs at First Base. If you are eyeing Goldschimdt or Craig play close attention to when Adrian Gonzalez comes off the board…


R4 P1 JOEL Kinsler, Ian 2B TEX
R4 P2 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Lee, Cliff SP PHI
R4 P3 andiesoxfan Price, David SP TB
R4 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Ellsbury, Jacoby OF BOS
R4 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Pedroia, Dustin 2B BOS
R4 P6 Nate Desmond, Ian SS WAS
R4 P7 MrFantasyFreak Strasburg, Stephen SP WAS
R4 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Butler, Billy 1B KC
R4 P9 DUI for the queer guy Kimbrel, Craig RP ATL
R4 P10 DennisFarrell Molina, Yadier C STL
R4 P11 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Lawrie, Brett 3B TOR
R4 P12 Whudey Headley, Chase 3B SD
My Selection: I know, I already have Miggy at 3rd what do I need Headley for? One of the game’s best overall 3rd Basemen in the 4th round AFTER Brett Lawrie? I couldn’t move myself from not making this pick. Of course you see I just love all my picks but I did have some reservations making this choice. Not gonna lie, wanted Weaver here just too own both LA Aces.


Arms Race: Four pitchers go in this round including Kimbrel. Many will laugh at the pick using the “Don’t pay for saves” moniker but the K/9 is just waaaay too ridiculous to argue the move. *Golf Clap*


R5 P1 Whudey Rizzo, Anthony 1B CHC
R5 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Medlen, Kris SP ATL
R5 P3 DennisFarrell Zimmerman, Ryan 3B WAS
R5 P4 DUI for the queer guy Ramirez, Aramis 3B MIL
R5 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Cain, Matt SP SF
R5 P6 MrFantasyFreak Zobrist, Ben 2B TB
R5 P7 Nate Weaver, Jered SP ANA
R5 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Jackson, Austin OF DET
R5 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Hernandez, Felix SP SEA
R5 P10 andiesoxfan Gonzalez, Gio SP WAS
R5 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Hamels, Cole SP PHI
R5 P12 JOEL Wieters, Matt C BAL
 My Selection: I just took Rizzo to have a semi attractive option at First base. The decline is actually very steep after him figured now was the time to pull the trigger.


Arms Race: Micheal Pichan selects Kris Medlen before more established arms. A bit high but a situation of where he was just getting his guy. After round five ADP becomes relative to personal tastes. Medlen had a great year and is someone I am targeting just not this early.


R6 P1 JOEL Bumgarner, Madison SP SF
R6 P2 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Choo, Shin-Soo OF CIN
R6 P3 andiesoxfan Trumbo, Mark OF ANA
R6 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Kipnis, Jason 2B CLE
R6 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Jennings, Desmond OF TB
R6 P6 Nate Escobar, Alcides SS KC
R6 P7 MrFantasyFreak Santana, Carlos C CLE
R6 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Mauer, Joe C MIN
R6 P9 DUI for the queer guy Teixeira, Mark 1B NYY
R6 P10 DennisFarrell Espinosa, Danny 2B WAS
R6 P11 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Hill, Aaron 2B ARI
R6 P12 Whudey Gordon, Alex OF KC
 My Selection: Alex Gordon is a beast. Great value in this round as I prefer him over guys like Desmond Jennings and Shin-Shoo Choo who were drafted over him.


Things that make you go hmmm: Alcides Escobar in the SIXTH round? I don’t know about all that…


R7 P1 Whudey Davis, Ike 1B NYM
R7 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Freeman, Freddie 1B ATL
R7 P3 DennisFarrell Halladay, Roy SP PHI
R7 P4 DUI for the queer guy Montero, Miguel C ARI
R7 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Rollins, Jimmy SS PHI
R7 P6 MrFantasyFreak Hosmer, Eric 1B KC
R7 P7 Nate Sandoval, Pablo 3B SF
R7 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Andrus, Elvis SS TEX
R7 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Bourn, Michael OF CLE
R7 P10 andiesoxfan Phillips, Brandon 2B CIN
R7 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Wainwright, Adam SP STL
R7 P12 JOEL Rios, Alex OF CHW
My Selection: The Kosher Pickle caught a blaze to close the 2012 season. With the way I have formed my roster I can stomach the low average with 30 plus home run upside here.


The Other Young First Basemen: Eric Hosmer and Freddie Freeman come off the boards here. Love the value for both of these guys in the seventh round.


R8 P1 JOEL Darvish, Yu SP TEX
R8 P2 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Prado, Martin OF ARI
R8 P3 andiesoxfan Sale, Chris SP CHW
R8 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Cueto, Johnny SP CIN
R8 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Sabathia, CC SP NYY
R8 P6 Nate Altuve, Jose 2B HOU
R8 P7 MrFantasyFreak Greinke, Zack SP LA
R8 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Cabrera, Melky OF TOR
R8 P9 DUI for the queer guy Napoli, Mike C BOS
R8 P10 DennisFarrell Scherzer, Max SP DET
R8 P11 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Rosario, Wilin C COL
R8 P12 Whudey Zimmermann, Jordan SP WAS
 My Selection: I like Jordan Zimmerman a lot, as do many other fantasy analysts  He has only been getting better and better each year..


Who I really wanted!?: Chris Sale. I know he regressed mightily to close the year in 2012. The skills are there for dominance and The future CY Young award winner… I think could finish the year Top 5.


R9 P1 Whudey Latos, Mat SP CIN
R9 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Frazier, Todd 3B CIN
R9 P3 DennisFarrell Dickey, R.A. SP TOR
R9 P4 DUI for the queer guy Konerko, Paul 1B CHW
R9 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Ortiz, David DH BOS
R9 P6 MrFantasyFreak Davis, Chris 1B BAL
R9 P7 Nate Howard, Ryan 1B PHI
R9 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Shields, James SP KC
R9 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Moustakas, Mike 3B KC
R9 P10 andiesoxfan Pence, Hunter OF SF
R9 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Weeks, Rickie 2B MIL
R9 P12 JOEL Gallardo, Yovani SP MIL
My Selection: Homer Pick. I do like Latos skill set as a whole…. it was very encouraging to see him get his crap together and really start to dominate to end the 2012 campaign for the Reds. 


 Power Grid: Lots of Power come off the board …..Fraizer, Konerko, Ortiz, Davis, Howard, Moustakas…..not bad for Round nine in terms of value.


R10 P1 JOEL Aoki, Norichika OF MIL
R10 P2 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) Crawford, Carl OF LA
R10 P3 andiesoxfan Martinez, Victor C DET
R10 P4 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Chapman, Aroldis SP CIN
R10 P5 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Moore, Matt SP TB
R10 P6 Nate Willingham, Josh OF MIN
R10 P7 MrFantasyFreak Machado, Manny 3B BAL
R10 P8 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Victorino, Shane OF BOS
R10 P9 DUI for the queer guy Motte, Jason RP STL
R10 P10 DennisFarrell Beltran, Carlos OF STL
R10 P11 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Utley, Chase 2B PHI
R10 P12 Whudey Samardzija, Jeff SP CHC
 My Selection: I am in love with The Shark … I have finally forgiven him for giving up football because This is a guy I am targeting heavy…Love the High K numbers this late in the draft after Chapman and Matt Moore were selected.


 Forgotten Man!?: I always seem to forget about Josh Willingham. I don’t know if the fact he now plays in Tiny-Sota or that he always dealing with back problems and hitting the DL. I like him greatly…that is when he is healthy great source of power in the middle rounds.


R11 P1 Whudey Cabrera, Asdrubal SS CLE
R11 P2 Michael Pichan (RotoInfo.com, @FantasyNomad) Fister, Doug SP DET
R11 P3 DennisFarrell Sanchez, Anibal SP DET
R11 P4 DUI for the queer guy Papelbon, Jonathan RP PHI
R11 P5 Jesse Sakstrup – Hardball Times Middlebrooks, Will 3B BOS
R11 P6 MrFantasyFreak Morrow, Brandon SP TOR
R11 P7 Nate Haren, Dan SP WAS
R11 P8 Travis Rowe (GoProFantasySports) Johnson, Josh SP TOR
R11 P9 Nick Raducanu (@FantasyTrade411) Aybar, Erick SS ANA
R11 P10 andiesoxfan Lincecum, Tim SP SF
R11 P11 Wayne Bretsky (RotoInfo.com, @BretskyBall) LaRoche, Adam 1B WAS
R11 P12 JOEL Swisher, Nick OF CLE
 My Selection: I needed a Shortstop and figured why not take Cabrera here. 


Nightmare on Elm Street: The Arms that come off the board with the exception of Fister all scare me in terms of projecting marginal success in 2013. Just don’t think I could come to drafting any of them over any position player at this point. Middlebrooks and Swisher are perfect examples of that.

 (To Be Continue…)

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