Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide Testimonials

As you may have seen, we released the inaugural FantasyTrade411 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide a few weeks ago. The feedback has been overwhelmingly humbling and we wanted to share some of that with you in the hopes of convincing you to pick up the draft guide if you haven’t already. We’ve posted a few previews to give you a taste of what’s in the guide, but if you’re still waffling on whether or not you should buy it, hopefully some of the testimonials we’ve received will help convince you that it’s worth the price of admission:


Friend of FantasyTrade411, Adam Richman (of Travel Channel fame) was kind enough to give us a recommendation…


My friend @ helped me much during my 1st fantasy US football season. Here’s his baseball guide: Enjoy!
Adam Richman


Celebrity chefs not enough to sway you? Fine…how about some of our fantasy colleagues?

No time to write a review yet, but I freakin' love the @ #FantasyBaseball Draft Guide
David Gonos
I just got a chance to review the @ 2013 Draft Guide. Very well done and very highly recommended!
We also gave a nice shout out to @ for his extensive work on his 2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide. Check it out.
Baseball Press
Great job by @ with the publication of his 2013 #FantasyBaseball Guide. Definitely a must-read as you prepare for your draft.
Michael A. Stein
Not joking when I say this @ #FantasyBaseball Draft Guide is outstanding. Well worth your $10, folks:
.@ just hooked me up with his 142-page fantasy baseball draft guide. Pretty awesome stuff:
Michael Gallagher
A must have for fantasy baseball guide and my personal guide of choice. The @ fantasy baseball guide:
Jody Smith
Currently reading @ #FantasyBaseball draft guide. Not even half way through and I can tell you it’s WELL worth the 10 bucks.
The Fantasy Bums
If you buy 1 Draft Kit, buy ours ( But if you buy 2, buy @'s: Great stuff.
If you need any help this #FantasyBaseball preseason, the @ Guide is really awesome: … I contributed!
Moe Koltun
I keep @ #FantasyBaseball draft guide with me always…never know when a draft might break out. I need to be prepared.
Micah James


Don’t trust those guys? Man…tough customer! Here are some testimonials from people who actually paid for the guide:


@ getting the fantasytrade411 guide is a must. Someone else in my league will have it. Need to level the playing field.
Rick Gasko
@ The FT411 Baseball Guide is unbelievable. I honestly can't believe how much content is in there. Kudos on a job well done!
The Fantasy Ginger
If you want the best fantasy baseball advice around I recommend grabbing this guide from @ NOW.
Just purchased @'s Draft Guide! looks great and ive just started reading it
Chris Blamey
Just finished @ draft guide and worth every penny thank you to them and many others for all the bard work they put in
Mike Cannici
@ @ Only on page 10 and this draft guide is AWESOME!!!!!
Jeff Greene
@ @ @ Really getting in to the draft guide and loving it! You guys did a great job and well worth it!
Chris Binette
Go pick up the FT411 Draft Guide! @ may be the best in the business right now.
Giancarlo King


Even the writers who contributed to the guide have loved it! (ya, I know they’re biased, but still…)


Gladly making a donation on the @ site in addition to the $9.99 for The Guide. Well worth it when I'm hoisting trophies.
Brian Forrester
@ Seriously man...I'm halfway through the guys did great work...people are getting a steal for 10 bucks
Chad Scott
I'm not going to lie. I got more knowledge from the @ Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide than I contributed.
Travis Rowe
Co-sign. RT @ I'm not going to lie. I got more knowledge from the @ Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide than I contributed.
Sean P. Galvin


Still on the fence? The FantasyTrade411 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide can help you make friends on airplanes…


@ btw, your draft guide provided great reading material on my recent flights. Helped start a baseball conversation neighbor.
Rick Gasko


…it helps increase workplace productivity…


Shhhhh. I'm reading the @ Fantasy Baseball Guide at work.
Brian Forrester
@ Hard to get through all 142 when people keep interrupting me. #workcanwait
Brian Forrester


…it helps you kill time in class…


Reading @'s draft kit and taking notes while I'm in class. #Priorities


…it can help you up your trash-talking game to league mates…


@ Seen ur shitty fb drafts.If ur in on fantasy baseball, check out the @ guide-you'd prolly like winning for a change
Brian Forrester


…and best of all, getting the draft guide is apparently just like Christmas!



The 2013 FantasyTrade411 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide: it’s as awesome as Christmas (thanks Oatz!)


If that’s not enough to convince you, I don’t know what else to say except that I’m glad I don’t work in sales. If it IS enough to convince you, here’s a link where you can check out the full list of what’s in the guide and read a quick explanation of your purchasing options (one of which is a GREAT deal for first-time FanDuel customers).


PS – if you’ve purchased the draft guide and want your testimonial included on this list, please feel free to send me a tweet or email ( and I’ll be more than happy to include you.

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