Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide

Sound familiar?

Sound familiar?

We still have one more week of football left, but me and the guys here at have been champing at the bit to get started on our upcoming Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide since Rex Ryan started contemplating keeping Tim Tebow on the bench all season (so basically since August).


We’re already underway with our rankings, player previews, articles, mock draft preparations (and everything else the draft guide will entail), but I wanted to give you guys a sneak-peak at something I’m really excited about — and potentially give you a chance to participate in the draft guide.


Just like a lot of draft guides do, we’ll be putting team-by-team previews together, but we’re going to do something a little different and have those team previews written by a fan of that team (a few of these fans are some of your favorite fantasy writers and a few of these fans are going to be some of you!). We’re shooting to have our draft guide ready by the beginning of February and I’ll be releasing the writer of one team preview each day up until the release of our draft guide (see below).


I’ll let you guys know how you’ll be able to pre-order your copy soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this living-breathing list  and keep back checking daily to see who’s been added to it.


Red SoxTony M (managing editor here at FantasyTrade411)

Devil RaysDavid Gonos (contributor to and owner of

Blue JaysMichael Clifford (writer and head Canadian here at FantasyTrade411)

Yankees – Glenn Colton (co-host of SiriusXM Fantasy’s “Colton and the Wolfman”)

Orioles – Albert Lang (Podcaster extraordinaire and writer at FantasyPros911 and TheFantasyFix)


Tigers – Ryan Carey (writer at

Twins – Clave Jones (co-founder of (FantasyBaseballCrackerJacks)

Kansas City Royals – Davis Mattek (founder of SportsWunderkind)

Indians – Russ Shaffer (FT411 follower and lifelong Indians fan)

White Sox – Jim McGrew (FT411 follower and big Chicago sports fan)


A’s – Vincent Frank (writer at BleacherReport and Edraft)

Astros – Chuck Licata (writer here at FantasyTrade411)

Rangers – Brett Talley (managing editor and head podcaster at

Angels – Josh Pacheco (founder of NewSportsGuru and co-host of SportsCast)

Mariners – Chad Scott (writer at FFOasis and Dynasty League Football)

Braves – Chuck Licata (writer here at FantasyTrade411)

Mets – Matt Schwimmer (co-founder of RotoAnalysis)

Nationals – Tom Murphy (FT411 follower and huge Nationals fan)

Marlins – Travis Rowe (writer at and founder of

Phillies – Nicholas Minnix (fantasy baseball editor at


Cubs – Mark Kaplan (producer at 730 Yahoo Sports and host of All Things Fantasy)

Reds – T  aka WHUDEY (writer and podcaster here at FantasyTrade411)

Brewers – Ryan Forbes (co-founder of 2 Mugs Fantasy Football)

Pirates – Dan Domenick (FT411 and Pennsylvania sports fan)

Cardinals – @HeHaithMe (one of the best sports handicappers around and co-founder of


Giants – Brian Forrester (FantasyTrade411 Insider Member and HUGE Giants fan)

Dodgers – Aaron Roberts (founder of Bertsball and long-time Dodgers fan)

Rockies – Nick Lauzon (FT411 follower and Rockies fan)

Diamondbacks – Will Carroll (contributor to and BleacherReport)

Padres – Sean P. Galvin (FT411 follower and Reality Television Producer)


Again, if you’re interested in writing a preview for your favorite team (and it’s still available), shoot me an email at And if you have any specific topics you want us to cover in the Draft Guide, please feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

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  1. Is last year’s guide available? I just discovered this site and it would nice to sample the old guide in order to let me gauge whether I want to buy this year’s guide.

    • Trader X says:

      This is our first one, but we’re actually giving this for free (only asking for donations if you like it)

      shoot me an email ( and i’ll be happy to send you one

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