The Doc’s Week 19 / Week 2 Playoff Rankings

Two things: I hate fantasy football and who the f@$k is Dan Shaughnessy?!?

Two things: I hate fantasy football and who the f@$k is Dan Shaughnessy?!?

Since I initially posted by full playoff fantasy football rankings on New Year’s Day, I have received numerous requests over the past few days about whether I planned on posting rankings for the individual playoff weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. I posted my “Wild Card Weekend” rankings last week and my “Divisional Round” rankings follow.


Typically, most playoff fantasy football leagues are set up such that you draft one team prior to the four wild card games and the goal is to accumulate as many fantasy points as possible such that the fantasy team with the most points after the Super Bowl is the winner of the league.
Of course, there are other variations on how to score playoff fantasy football. For example, some leagues allow you to draft a full roster of players, but you can only use a player for one weekend. Additionally, I have seen leagues where teams draft a new set of players each week of the playoffs.
For this reason, I have decided to rank the players playing only during the Divisional Round Weekend (or week 19 of the NFL season). Please see the rankings below. Keep in mind that if you are selecting players for this week only (and you can only use a player once during the entire playoffs), you want to make sure that you balance (a) talent and how well you think the player will perform as well as (b) whether you think a player’s team will win this week and whether you want to “save” him for next week. For these “one and done” playoff fantasy football formats, I put more weight on talent and matchup as opposed to whether I think a player’s team has a chance to advance. The reason being is that this is the NFL and anything can happen any given weekend, especially during the playoffs.
Make no mistake – if you are reading these, you are likely playing in some sort of fantasy football playoff tournament. Maybe the weekly game is your choice or you like sticking to head-to-head games. No matter which option to choose, your opponent is probably poring over every morsel of fantasy knowledge online as you read this, including attempting to guess which coach will bench his players. Meanwhile, you are reading my drivel and build-up when you really want to skip to my rankings, which are also posted over at under the “Experts” tab.
I will update these rankings at least once before kickoff on each of Saturday and Sunday. Please check back often as you will see updates as critical injury news flows through.
If you have sit/start questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter. If I do not respond, use my rankings as a guide to your answer. However, I believe that I have managed to answer every question that I have received this season.

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