“Perusing the Perimeter” 2012 Fantasy Football: Week 8


Well…as you know folks this hasn’t been a good week for ya boy @WHUDEY as my poor Bengals took one on the chin this past Sunday and are on a bye..The taste of defeat lingers in my mouth as if I hadn’t brushed my teeth in months and I am downright disgusted…Needless to say Thank my stars for fantasy football…The fake gridiron is always a good substitute for the roller coaster that comes with cheering on your favorite NFL football teams on Thursdays and Sundays..

Lets face it folks we are at the proverbial turning point in your leagues you either need to win out or want to continue your dominance among your league mates .either way now is not the time to slip up and with My Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, and Buffalo Bills all on a bye … its gut check time in your fantasy football leagues…So get out there make deals like a car salesman, hit the waiver wire with a raging fury and above all else have fun doing it..whether you are a lock for the postseason or playing spoiler it has been a wild and crazy year up to this point ..Expect the unexpected.. So lets examine the scene that will be Week 8…
I have decided to switch it up on you folks yet again..I am gonna take my list one step further …as I will be grouping the offensive skill positions listing my “Loves”  first and then “Hates” for the given week….After that I will color code them from most comfortable to least comfortable on placing into my starting lineup. Just trying to further give you some clarity on the fantasy football landscape for the upcoming week (and for weeks to come) ..Hope its not too confusing and hope it ultimately helps…


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“Hail Mary”
 Sam Bradford (STL)- The Pats D have made Mark Sanchez and Russell Wilson look like they are QB1 material in previous weeks ….
Andrew Luck(IND) – after doing his best RGIII impersonation a week ago with 2 Rushing TDs ..he is going to have favorable matchups the rest of the way and this is one you can expolit
Matt Hasslebeck(TEN) – Locker still on the shelf and going against the soft Indy Secondary and hoping last week’s CJ2K is the one that shows this week could put Matt in a favorable situation
Carson Palmer (OAK)- One thing is certain about Carson is he sure does know how to beat himself..but still viable bye week replacement if you have no where else to turn..
Brandon Weeden(CLE) – I like what I am seeing outta him as a pro..If T-Rich is out then expect the team to lean on Weeden
Russel Wilson(SEA) - The Detroit secondary is still one of the more suspect units in the NFL and Russell has been see-sawing back and forth between good games and bad .. this week should be a good one..
“Intentional Grounding”
 Matt Stafford(DET) - After being embarrassed coming out of a bye week by Chicago .. it gets no easier going against Seattle..hard to sit…hard to trade..hard to stomach…
Cam Newton(CAR) – His rushing ability leaves him as a decent option but when you are complaining in Wookie outfits and going against the leagues best Defense you may need to search for different option this week..
Tony Romo(DAL)- Just when you thought he had turned the corner … Thank heavens they won a week ago..never know what may happen in these rivalry games…
Phillip Rivers(SD) – What he did in Week 6 is still inexcusable..hope the Bye Week cleared things up…
Tom Brady(NE) – Don’t get it twisted if you have him you probably will start him but .. The game being in London and The Patriots have uncharacteristically have lost to teams they in years past would have demolished in 2012..
Eli Manning(NYG) - As I mentioned with Romo these rivalry games anything can happen but Eli is playing at a really elite level so he should be fine..
“Shovel Pass”

Rashard Jennings(JAX) – I do not expect him to do much of anything in this matchup but with MJD being on the shelf for an uncertain time… a Starter who should get the majority of the carries this late into the year is a prized commodity..

Johnathan Stewart(CAR) - “Featured Back” (Doubt he does anything against CHI but if he is one your wire snatch him up)

Phillip Tanner(DAL) – Felix Jones just got hurt while taking a shower…If there is one guarantee I can throw out there..if Felix starts the game he sure as hell won’t finish it..
Montario Hardesty(CLE)- If T-Rich is a no-go this week due to the ribs/flank RUN to your wire and grab this guy if you are desperate…those of you in PPR leagues look Chris Ogbonnaya’s way..
Daryl Richardson(STL) – Looks like he has carved himself out a healthy role in the offense for the Rams going forward..
Jed Collins(NO) – We have seen before .. New Orleans Saints in Goal to go situation and Brees hits Collins for the short score on the play action pass..



Any Arizona running back- No way either gets to even half of the rushing production from a week ago here vs. 49ers on Monday night..
Doug Martin(TAM) – Hate the matchup and hate TNF .. enough said..

Joe McKnight(NYJ) – With Greene and Powell out .. McKnight stepped up…. now I don’t love the matchup this week but understand he has a strong possibility of ending up in owners lineups
Frank Gore (SF)- After he beasted it out vs. the Seahawks ..he now to no one’s surprise ends up on the injury report…with a poor matchup and not 100% clean bill of health..I’m avoiding..
Alfred Morris(WAS) – Do not love his matchup here but there is one positive take away from owning this guy…never thought I’d say this but he is the feautred back in WAS as it looks like Shannahan is sticking with him
Jammal Charles(KC) - With Brady Quinn at QB two weeks ago we saw JC Superstar with a low point total…Romeo rolling with Quinn again..the same result my occur

“Hook and Ladder”

Mike Williams(TAM) – After VJax exploded on the Saints …on a short week Mike Williams should get favorable man to man matchups all night..

Josh Gordon(CLE) – Trader X mention on “The Fantasy Playbook” on Tuesday he is the epitome of Boom or Bust…Josh Gordon with limited targets is now a permanent fixture in the offense and has scored long bombs 3 weeks in a row .. At this point he is worth the gamble rolling out there if you are have bye/injury issues..

Chris Givens/Brandon Gibson(STL)- There are rumors of Danny Amendola returning this week but if he is out again this week I like both STL Wideouts to produce a decent amount of FF points
Sidney Rice(SEA) - The soft secondary of DET and the familiarity Rice has with Ford Field from his days as a Viking if Russel Wilson can get him going early and often could explode for a HUGE DAY..
Donald Driver(GB) - have to think the way Aaron has been playing lately that anyone on the team is start-able with the game being at home …I have a gut call that a fan favorite in Donald Driver scores
“Getting Rocked going over the Middle”
Dwayne Bowe(KC) - As the teams best Wideout one of two things can happen…With Quinn at starting QB and coming off a bye he and Quinn could have built a Luck/Wayne Chemistry where he will receive 15-20 Targets..or he could still be demanding to be traded in that case he gets 3 targets and is rendered useless..
Larry Fitzgerald(ARZ) - When you are the only player on the offensive side of the football that opposing teams fear its easy to shut you down…
Santana Moss(WAS) – with Garcon out for extended time he is the #1 guy again but Ike Taylor did a good job completely locking down AJ Green a week ago…
Steve Smith (CAR)- With Cam potty training and the Dallas Secondary putting the lockdown on opposing WRs …other than a busted play it is hard to bank on Smith scoring a TD finally for the 2012 season…
Vincent Jackson (TAM)- No way the Vikings allow him to show up in this game like he did versus the Saints..they will roll triple coverage his way in hopes they render him useless
Calvin Johnson(DET) – Madden Curse coming in a different form this year??? If Stafford is smart he would force feed him the ball .. I still like him for the rest of the year but The Seattle Secondary has the capability to get physical with Megatron and could have owners suffering with sub 10 FF point total..again this week..
“Pop Pass”
Heath Miller(PIT) - Big Ben wants to get him to the Pro Bowl and whats the easiest way to get that done..lead the position in TDs…Grab em..Ride him down the stretch..
Joel Dresseen(DEN) – I still haven’t figured out why everyone still thinks Tamme is a legit TE1 ..But I’m looking this guy’s way just like Peyton has in the Redzone..
Dustin Keller (NYJ)- He looked good vs. the Pats as long as he doesn’t suffer any setbacks in terms or re-aggravating an injury .. I like him the R.O.W…
Chris Cooley(WAS) – Fred Davis is out for the year Mike brought him in for a reason..lets monitor snaps and targets before we jump aboard but makes for a great stash play for you Gronk and Hernandez owners for next week
Greg Olsen(CAR) - Playing his former team..the motivation is there to do big things..
Lance Kendricks (STL)- Have to think that if STL finds itself in the RedZone and elects to pass he gets first crack..
“Illegal Formation”
Jermicheal Finely(GB) - I am gonna try a ‘reverse jinx’ here and that I think he continues to be an unusable fantasy player …(won’t be to surprised if it doesn’t work..)

Brandon Pettigrew(DET) – His play hasn’t helped Stafford or his owners out one bit…#FreeTonyScheffler

Vernon Davis (SF) - A struggling Alex makes for a struggling Vernon ..plain and simple..
Martellus Bennett(NYG) - “The Black Unicorn” hasn’t been seeing paydirt..
Brent Celek(PHI)- Maybe he needs to call up the Chargers and see where he can get some of that stickem they use out there…
Rob Gronkowski (NE)- James Laurnatius

Good luck to you all this Week 8 and remember….Trust your gut!!…everyone in the fantasy community including myself claim to know it all but at the end of the day its your team and your job to soak in all information and make the best calls for your team…Thank you for reading do not forget to check out my Fantasy Sports and Real Sports shows called “Perusing the Perimeter” and “A Case of the Whudeys” here on FanastyTrade411 Radio Network..And Please check us out on ITunes here

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