“Perusing the Perimeter” 2012 Fantasy Football: Week 6

So far the last 5 Weeks It has been my absolute pleasure in bringing you “Perusing the Perimeter” here on FT411 …In those blogs I wanted to illustrate who I am by giving you a look at what I enjoy from Reality TV to Video games… But I have a confession to make..I have been holding back….Yes, I know you are thinking , “How could you!?!” Don’t worry because that is no more…To kick off Week 6 and the launch of “Perusing the Perimeter” Podcast right here on Fantasy Trade 411 Radio Network I have decided to step my game up and give you EVEN more fantasy football knowledge from the mind of the lunatic from Cincinnati that calls himself @Whudey (Go REDS!!!) … From now until Week 17 (barring the Mayans are waaay off.. of course)… I will give you my weekly Top 12 at each Offensive Skill positions as well as players for various reasons I will be avoiding from week to week…



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Week 6 brings BYE Weeks for Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, and Jacksonville Jaguars….So Let’s get right down to breaking down the week ahead in the NFL from fantasy football perspective…..

1. Matt Ryan(ATL) – The frontrunner for the MVP award doesn’t know how to pump his brakes …he should continue to display great form especially at home vs. a suspect OAK secondary..
2. Aaron Rodgers (GB) – Has kind of a tough matchup vs. Texans but with the loss of Cushing to the opposing D..should give Rodgers more time to find the wide open guy as this team’s back is against the wall and is in danger already of missing the postseason ..with Cedric Benson on the shelf for awhile look for the team to pass a tad bit more..
3. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) - Tennessee is horrible on both sides of the ball and look no further than CJ@#@K for confirmation .expect Ben to kick this team while its down..I am not a fan of the Thursday games for fantasy production but this matchup is almost a can’t miss.. as Ben didn’t score a TD a week ago..He is due…
4. Robert Griffin III (WAS) – Another QB (Although his career just started) who was a fantasy dud in Week 5 .. If Mike Shananhan declares him a go for Week 6….You can start him with confidence… his matchup is very favorable and should help him right the ship…But owners beware he is rookie and his reckless play prevents him from protecting himself from injury … Might be time to sell..
5. Tom Brady(NE)  - Seattle as a Defense is legit but Brady is the type of QB who elevates his play regardless of the opponent and should be fine as he has many weapons on the offense and elite QBs just make things happen..
6. Matthew Stafford (DET) – Coming off a Bye Week is always a good thing … this is especially true for Matthew as the first 4 weeks were very uncharacteristic .. look for the attention to detail over the Bye allows him and the rest of the offense to start looking like the 2011 version of itself…
7. Andy Dalton (CIN) – He under preformed a week ago and Bengal fans recklessly jump off the bandwagon again…This youngin’ hates losing and after an embarrassing display a week ago at home..look for him to correct things and go back to being the “Red Rifle” in what is usually a shootout between the Browns and Bengals up near Lake Erie..
8. Phillip Rivers (SD) – I am going to start calling Rivers .. Stringer Bell.. he slangs the football all over the place like a dealer in the Wire slanging rocks… he looks a lot better than he did a year ago…Coming off a loss in a game they believed they should have won is always bad news for the next opponent .in this case the Denver Broncos, who Brady carved up like it was Thanksgiving a week ago..
9. Christian Ponder (MIN) – The Redskins are one of the worst team in the league allowing fantasy points to WRs and with the balance this team possesses on offense should allow for Ponder to get into the Red Zone a few times and make plays for the Vikings..
10. Peyton Manning (DEN) – When he isnt trying to sell Americans.. Buicks, Direct TV, and even Oreos ..He is the Qb for the Broncos and nothing makes for Peyton having a great game more than Primetime Monday Night Football..(Hopefully D.Thomas can hold onto the ball)
11. Eli Manning (NYG) – Highly Doubt Bradshaw will ever see 200 Yards next to his name in the Box Score again and against the 49ers this team has really no choice but to the throw the football so Eli should still go over 300 yards passing some how..some way….
12. Andrew Luck (IND) – This is HIS team … having Colts Fans going “Peyton Who?!” ….With the best receiver on the Jets covering Reggie Wayne .. Andrew Luck should light up the scoreboard with his fearless play…
*Michael Vick(PHI) – I don’t know about you but I know that regardless of the skill set he may or may not possess I think it is clear to say that 2010 Is a very distant memory and the turnovers are killing fantasy owners .. Even against Detroit This guy could have serious issues at playing mistake-free football

1. Jamaal Charles (KC) – Where are those “Fan-analysts” who told you to avoid JC because of Hillis….(*crickets Crickets*) Well, I wasn’t one of them and after two weeks of EYE Popping numbers and Cassel going down and questionable going into Week 6 … Romeo will lean on JC a little bit more..
2. Arian Foster (HOU) – There is no doubt why this guy was taken #1 overall in drafts of the summer..he just scores TDs and goes over 100 Rushing Yards like its nothing..Green Bay’s D can only hope to contain this guy…he is an absolute beast..
3. DeMarco Murray (DAL) – What JC did a week ago to the Ravens shows that this D is old and slow..I like for him to be getting more touches as they try to become a more balanced offense with Romo struggling..
4. Ray Rice (BAL) – Only Ranked 4 here because owners should be a little concerned the offense just isn’t doing Rice any favors I speak for all his owners when I say “Feed Rice the Ball!!!!”
5. Adrian Peterson (MIN) – Had a soft matchup a week ago and what happened…JACKSH#$T but a player like “All Day” holds himself accountable and should be trusted as a great RB 1 option Week 6
6. LeSean McCoy (PHI) – Hopefully The Eagles call more run plays and take the ball out of Micheal Vick’s hands .. otherwise they will continue to head the wrong direction and Andy Reid to the unemployment line..
7. Trent Richardson (CLE) – T-Rich is money in the bank for a TD as he is scored 4 Weeks in a row..and going against the Team that handed him his first 100 Yard rushing performance in the Bengals.. look for him to duplicate those results..
8. Frank Gore (SF) – Shame on you if you counted this guy out..NYG as T-Rich said a week ago…”Can be Run on” The balance the 49ers possess will be on full display in this one..
9. Darren McFadden (OAK) - Bye Week adjustments should make for a solid week out of Run DMC
10. BenJarvus Green-Ellis (CIN) – He was a very important piece to the victory over the Browns in Week 2 and with Bernard Scott done for the year after looking like he was going to cut into The LawFirm’s touches .. This is BJGE’s job alone and look for the club to establish him early and often…If Bradshaw can get 200 yards a week ago… why can’t The LawFirm get 100???
11. Ryan Mathews (SD) - Looks like Norv was just sending a message as Mathews got great work Sunday night..what is bothersome Ronnie Brown saw a lot of action…but nevertheless looks like he is out of the doghouse and The Denver Run D is a shell of its former self from 2011..
12. Doug Martin (TB) - coming off a bye week I hope this team took a long good look at itself and that .. you are not a passing football team .. SO stop it…take the ball out of Freeman’s hands and allow DMart to get work…
*Rashard Mendenhall (PIT) - After the explosive debut to the 2012 season .. on a short week … wouldn’t surprise me he sees limited touches in this contest..
*Alfred Morris (WAS) - The Minnesota Run D is better than people think expect the workhorse and surprisingly Redskins feature back to put up pedestrian numbers this week..

1. Percy Harvin (MIN) – I mentioned Percy as a Top 10 WR over the summer before preseason got underway…and he hasn’t disappointed me one bit..Going up against the team that allows the most points to opposing WRs in the Redskins … I like him to continue to put on a show..
2. Calvin Johnson (DET) – Hoping the Bye Week has clear any issue this Offense had before it and gets back to its explosiveness..
3. Reggie Wayne (IND) – Never thought I’d be mentioning him .. let alone ranking him as high as he is right now but this trend isn’t going to change and he with a QB not named Painter under center has found the fountain of youth..Cromartie is no Revis…
4. AJ Green (CIN) – Joe Haden or not … my homie #18 will not be denied from the Redzone … Such a great talent glad he is on my Team
5. Antonio Brown (PIT) – Leads the team in targets…Tennessee as I mention earlier is terrible..Start him and sleep well…
6. Roddy White (ATL) – Having Matt Ryan at QB and no one that can really stop him .. leaves me to believe he gets his healthy share of targets and catches…
7. Larry Fitzgerald (ARZ) – Buffalo gives up points to everyone!!!!
8. Julio Jones (ATL) – See Roddy White
9. Mike Wallace (PIT) – Weird disgusting theme here so far this week…excuse me (barfs all over myself) Big Ben has a BIG WEEK someone has to benefit right!?
10. Jordy Nelson (GB) – It’s not like Mr. Discount DoubleCheck isn’t looking for him … ride the roller coaster on it’s upswing this week…
11. Jeremy Maclin (PHI) – Unfortunately, Vick has to throw the football and thinking he gets a TD.
12. Dez Bryant (DAL) – Hopefully Jerry Jones had a sit down talk with Romo during the bye week and said look, “I want Dez to get 20 targets this week.”
* Victor Cruz (NYG) – Harbaugh will look to limit him as much as possible … he has the Defense to do it…
* Brandon Lloyd (NE) – Brady will be force to work underneath and over the middle… the edges and the deep will be off limits

1. Gronk (NE) – Brady loves exploiting the mismatch he presents on a weekly basis…
2. Tony Gonzalez (ATL) – The Slam Dunk future HOF is in a league of his own what better way to go out than having a better year than Gronk had a year ago…right?
3. Vernon Davis (SF) – He is back in the zone…
4. Fred Davis (WAS) – As long as Garcon is hobbled up Davis will continue to eat targets..
5. Jason Witten (DAL) – Romo’s safety blanket with a terrible Offensive line..
6. Owen Daniels (HOU) – Matt Schaub has always looked for this guy … with both apparently healthy ….things are looking up..
7. Antonio Gates (SD) – Just placing him here in a “Ryan Mathews benching” motivational play…this guy has been M.I.A …Hope he awakens this week..
8. Brent Celek (PHI) – I have a sweet spot for the Cincinnati Kid .. hope Vick steps his game up ..
9. Dennis Pitta (BAL) – Wakko Flacco Flame needs to find his favorite target as his production has been very ho-hum after a Blazing start to 2012 season..
10. Kyle Rudolph (MIN) – Another Cincinnati kid .. nuff said…
11. Jermaine Gresham (CIN) – To even out my Steelers Love from before (*barfs on myself again*) Gresham saw lots of work when Cincy faced Cleveland the first go round…with Haden in the fold maybe he sees an increase in targets..
12. Heath Miller (PIT) – Yuck..Sorry I can’t talk about them anymore..
* Scott Chandler (BUF) – Now Battling Injuries like he did a year ago and may have slowed him down a bit…

So Remember, Don’t forget to sign up for The DraftStreet Freeroll for this week and Good luck to you all this Week 6 … Remember Trust your gut!!…everyone in the fantasy community including myself claim to know it all but at the end of the day its your team and your job to soak in all information and make the best calls for your team…Thank you for reading my name is T. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and I am an elite fantasy gamer… I host a show about Fantasy Sports and Real Sports called “Perusing the Perimeter” (Thurs. 6 – 7:30) and “A Case of the Whudeys” here on FanastyTrade411 Radio Network..Please check us out on ITunes here

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