Perusing the Perimeter:Music Edition Volume 1

Welcome to “Perusing the Perimeter” for Week 4… the Music Edition Volume 1…In this we will see what I am Jamming to in my headphones for the following NFL Players to provide insight on the fantasy football landscape… Using the twitter hashtag Now Playing (#NP) let’s get right to what I recommend to be bumping through your speakers for another fun week of fantasy football….



Christian Ponder – #NP “Jamming” -Bob Marley: Hopefully he isn’t hanging out with Jerome Simpson outside of work but with his #2 WR fresh off suspension he will continue Jammin’ to the tune of 70%+ Completion Rate ..Those of you out there who rock Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger as your QB1… look for this guy on the wire as a great bye week fill in..GO Seminoles!!



Andy Dalton – #NP “Sunday Morning” – No Doubt: “You came in with a breeze…” After the sophomore’s rough opener he has put together back to back 300+ Yard efforts, I like him moving forward as many of the Top QBs have struggled and will continue to do so…Having many fantasy “experts” going .. “I thought I knew you well..”




Tony Romo – #NP “Forget You” –  Cee-Lo Green: This guy put up 5 points in Standard leagues a week ago..and has been sub par two weeks in a row..until he starts targeting his best weapon in Dez Bryant I can not have the confidence in starting him..Many will say do not panic but I’m done with him at this point I’d rather start Andrew Luck moving forward..and Ponder over him this week..
Cam Newton – #NP “Man in Mirror” –  Micheal Jackson: I’m gonna put this out there..could this be a repeat of Vince Young and not being able to handle the pressures of the NFL…Ok, I won’t go that far but He wants to be left alone and wants to sulk let him he is a young QB and that is going to happen..but If the Brass are concerned then I wonder if there is something more going on between the ears here..his Rushing ability still warrants him strong start week in and week out but .. I’m worried and debating starting the “Red Rifle” over him in some leagues…Just putting that out there…He needs to “start with the man in the mirror”
Running Backs:
Mikel LeShoure – #NP “Call Me Maybe” – Carly Rae Jepsen : “Hey, I just met you..” And it was indeed crazy as the new lead back for the Lions climbed to the 100 yard mark in his first career start..So If you own him .. do not trade him..Lions Running Game “has missed him soo,soo bad” despite the projections out there on this guy for Week 4 ..Strong Flex/Low End RB2..and if Stafford is a no-go..a must start..


Frank Gore – #NP “Mama said Knock you out” – LL Cool J: After the upset loss to the Vikings a week ago…look for the 49ers to go back to what they know in running the football..Gore will abused the defense with a 3 TD effort…as they play “Smash Mouth” Football and try to dominate all phases of the game..


Trent Richardson – #NP “Scar Tissue” – Red Hot Chilli Peppers : I feel bad for T-Rich .. after having the surgery in both knees to be ready for opening day .. he hasn’t disappointed but his team is just plain terrible..he will have more games like he did Week 1 and 3…. and this is another week where he may find it tough to find room to roam..Sitting him vs. Ravens is almost a must…The window to get anything in comparable value via trade is closing quickly and after Thursday may shut completely..


Steven Ridley – #NP “Hot and Cold” –  Katy Perry : Seems like The “Hoodie” is back to his old ways …there is no way to have faith Belichick will use him like he did Week 1 as last week we saw Woodhead and Bolden get GL carries and scores…If you own him then you are going have to pick your shots and if you are trying to trade him good luck..


Wide Receivers:


Jerome Simpson – #NP “Celebration” – Game ft. Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Wiz Kahlifa: Fresh from his suspension I have HIGH hopes he has a bust out game…the rapport him and Ponder created during training camp will be on full display as the Lions Secondary is one of the worst…Lets just hope he doesn’t get anything mailed to his house afterwards for a “Celebration” of sorts…


Jordy Nelson – #NP “Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)” – The Offspring: After a tough, replacement-ref error filled Seahawks game where he was relatively quiet largely in part due to defensive shceme..Look for a monster game from this guy this week as the Saints Defense as a whole is.. piss poor..Bad timing for the 0-3 Saints to face off against the team who lost the way they did on Monday Night…

“Give it to me BABY!!!”



Santonio Holmes – #NP “Apologize” - OneRepublic : It’s too late to apologize .. LT straight up laid it out there .. and restated his love for Mr.Holmes in saying that he will quit agian…off to a lucky 2-1 start so it remains to be seen but He hasn’t had a 100 yard game in some time and with the erratic QB play there is no way to trust him moving forward..This week’s matchup vs. The 49ers will be a rough one…In all seriousness dropping him wouldn’t be entirely too crazy..


Tight Ends:


Jermaine Gresham – #NP “Welcome Back” - Mase: After 2 Weeks of obscurity .. Gresh found pay dirt in Week 3 and seemed to be finally involved in the offesne..Coby Fleener and Heath Miller Owners should look to the wire for this guy as a plug and play he was often overlooked in many drafts this summer..



Fred Davis – #NP “Hello, Goodbye”- The Beatles: If some owner in your league has said “Goodbye” to him then you need to say “Hello!” .. He is obviously their Best pass catcher after Garçon and seems to have been speaking the truth when he said they have been holding back on the playbook..after the slow start Griffin has found comfort in Davis.




Bonus Tracks:

Torrey Smith – #NP “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” - Boyz II Men: Let me just say, I posted him a week ago as a dislike but of course had no idea the heartbreak he would suffer on game day and to come out as inspired as he did….Was abosoltely amazing to watch …I usually don’t speak to highly of the rivals of the Bengals but I am behind this guy..Look for him to use this as a motivator to propel him to great heights this year…He has a soft matchup this week …. Exploit it!!!

Marshawn Lynch – #NP “Somewhere over the Rainbow” –  Judy Garland: The Skittles King should abuse the Rams Defense and establish The Seahawks game plan early and often…Everyone wonder whether or not he would be inspired to play ball this year with a new contract..being on a Winning team helps motivate that’s for sure This is the week he starts his similar streak from a year ago..get out there and try to trade for this guy if you need an upgrade at RB..



So Remember,Good luck to you all this Week 4 remember.. Do not be a Replacement Ref…Trust your gut!!…everyone in the fantasy community including myself claim to know it all but at the end of the day its your team and your job to soak in all information and make the best calls for your team…Thank you for reading my name is T. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and I am an elite fantasy gamer… I host a show about Fantasy Sports and Real Sports called “Perusing the Perimeter” (Thurs. 6 – 7:30) on The SportsJam Network on BlogTalkRadio. Wanna hear more of what I think about Week 4 listen in to “PTP” here:

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