Pigskin Pick’Em Week Three

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Since I always like to give you guys some transparency into what I’m doing in my leagues, I wanted to share my Week 3 picks for the ESPN Pigskin Pick ‘em game with you (you can also use these to compare them against your office football pools too). I started a group on ESPN if you guys wanna sign-up and see how you stack up against me (and if you already have an entry that’s not in this group, you can still import your entry over and get in on the action).


Here’s the link (and the password is ft411):



My season so far:


Week 1: 10 out of 16 (66.4 percentile on ESPN)
Week 2: 9 out of 16 (72.3 percentile on ESPN)


I didn’t fare so hot in Week One and Week Two didn’t look much better, but I actually moved up in percentile on ESPN because last week was so topsy turvy. I’m not starting off this week so well either after going with the Carolina upset pick, but check back on Tuesday to see if I managed to redeem myself. (These picks are NOT against the spread).


And now for my Week 3 picks…



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