Perusing the Perimeter:Big Brother 14 Edition

I love Reality TV…Well, I used to when it was just The Real World, Cops, and a few others..Now, that’s all that is on TV these days… all these Has-been stars getting TV show after TV show kinda make me sick..But there are a few exceptions like Wednesday Night is the premiere of the new season of “Survivor” and Later on this week is the” Amazing Race” ,which are a couple of the reality shows I do actually enjoy. Not the VH1 trash ,the Big booty sex tape star, Drunk fist pumping, and gossiping housewives everyone else has become obsessed with in American Society over the last 5 years…So If you have been following me on twitter for the last couple months you know I have a obession with the CBS Show “Big Brother” and this season was no exception…With Wednesday Night being the finale…Thought this would be the perfect topic of discussion for this week’s blog post of “PTP”..


The game show is entirely based on what fantasy football owners crave from their players week to week and that is trust….That’s what builds a player’s value in both games… for to truly trust someone is a good thing and often works out to your advantage when it comes to your end game…Can we trust CJ Spiller??No question right now! But can we can trust him in the fantasy playoffs remain to be seen…..Now is the time to be thinking..Who can you trust this week and moving forward? In this edition of “Perusing the Perimeter” we dive right into this as we explore some players in the Big Brother 14 (BB14) House and NFL Players I would have enjoyed on my roster and some well…not so much..

The Big Brother 14 Cast L to R: Wil, Ashley, Joe, Janelle, Danielle, Jodi, Dan, Kara, Shane, JoJo, Britney, Willie, Jenn, Ian, Mike “Boogie”, #SonofSid


When The BB14 season started after the first episode…I picked a person to win the game and that was Frank…(Julie Chen cuts in and interrupts over the loud speakers) ,”but before we get started House guests we need to evict Jodi ” (Adrian Peterson grabs his belongings) He says ,”Well, wasn’t really given a chance to do anything..” Much like Jodi who was evicted within the first 20 minutes of the season “All Day” is going to have a tough day against the San Fran D…They are as avertised..Owners who are forced to start him must pray he scores…


Back to Frank , Players often lie about who they are in their real lives when they enter the BB House and Frank was no exception..This guy was the son of “Psycho Sid Vicious” ,the wrestler, and after about week 3 of the show the #TeamFrank hashtag transformed into #SonofSid (Shouts to @DaRedsWin) If you weren’t a fan of wrestling back in the 1990s you missed out on Sid Vicious’s Impact and from that point on he was my guy no question..problem was no one trusted this guy from the gate and he found himself on the block week in and week out…Matthew Stafford or Yosemite Sam from a week ago..was injury prone to start his career and after a stellar 16 game campaign a year ago..has come out to start this year very pedestrian to put it lightly…Frank has a great chance this week to redeem himself to fantasy football owners..If an owner has lost faith..Go get him for the low right now..I think he bounces back this week against a soft Tennessee Defense as a whole…Look for him to put his pimp hand down and Instead of asking Ashley “So you wanna make out??” He will look to have his WR Calvin Johnson put his yoga pants on and get to business this week right away by saying to him, “You wanna score??”. In true Ashley fashion Megatron replies “No, I’m not that type of WR..” and Frank says, “Sure you are..” …Looking like one of those 200 Yard and 2 TDs kind of days is near…I am not even gonna dive into the whole coaches twist to start the game cause that is just dumb In my opinion..but Britney much like Joe Flacco just needs to shut the hell up…they simply talk too much..put more effort into the game as a whole and you will succeed ..Don’t …and well you end up blaming Refs and #SonofSid or “The Brigade” which isn’t a very good look…I’m sure the “Hoodie”‘s new D will give him fits Sunday Night..
The Running Back position the two I trust this week are Mike “Boogie” and Ian … Mike came into the BB House for the 3rd time and was considered the veteran of the game while Ian the fresh baby-faced rookie were two people I enjoyed and had I played in the BB14 House I would have trusted..The fantasy football versions this week are BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Trent Richardson…In the case of The Law Firm, I don’t know about you but homer-ism aside ..In the offensive scheme the Bengals use this year…The Law Firm looks great hitting holes with authority..could be a real solid buy-low right now because we all know come December the team will run the ball more and more…sure he has nagging injuries but at the price you can get him for right now…why not?? Washington Run D let a Rookie in Darryl Richardson tear it up a week ago..and I Can see Law Firm getting his this week..and Trent Richardson’s case he looked like a completely different back from what we saw in the Philadelphia game..He is THIS offense so start him with confidence…Running backs and Other BB House guests I have a problem trusting are Chris Johnson aka Shane and Run DMC aka Dan. In the case of Chris Johnson its obvious to us fantasy owners at this point but he just doesn’t have the O-Line to make him successful in this league anymore..I hope he invested his contract properly because might be the last he gets..He blindsided the majority of owners out there the same way Shane got blindsided by his “Showmance” in the Final 4..really on both ends may be a case of karma as Shane often made deals with “Boogie” and Frank only to renege on those deals ASAP and CJ1YPC looks to not truly being a team player… pointing the finger at your O-Line as a running back won’t help going forward…and I had high hope for Darren McFadden going into the year and now after last week’s let down I have just about jumped ship…Dan played a brilliant game and should he win the whole thing..he deserves it but what he did to get there is just evil I’m not an overly religious man but swearing on the bible only to break the promise is not something that’s accepted as being ok to do..I feel like I swore on the bible myself along with other fantasy “experts” out there in pumping DMC’s name up to First Round status and for that I was wrong and I apologize..Its just wrong what Dan and Darren have done…. having people honestly believing their word shame on them….The QB play is awful and the offensive scheme does nothing to highlight what a weapon he can be this may be annoying for fantasy owners as the season progresses and facing the Steelers this week with Polamalu and Harrison possibly returning…I am just about ready to throw in the towel…

The Law Firm

As for the rest of the House Guests on BB14 .. I really like Wil … I thought he was funny but not great at the social game and was not a fan of his wardrobe but he was at least a competitor and tried to make moves in the house..Which brings me to Mike Williams and that now scored two weeks in a row … I like him to score long as VJax plays M.Williams will get RZ looks … As much as I couldn’t stand last year’s winner Rachel she brought up a valiant point about “floaters” and how annoying they are to the game..Jenn and Joe *cough cough* I mean Torrey Smith and Dwayne Bowe week to week they are boom or bust the consistency really makes it hard to trust each team “#1 WR” which is how many who watch and played the game of BB feel about floaters..and to their respective owners “Grab a life vest!”..


The freak injury to Aaron Hernandez have people digging deep for viable tight end options and why not with the new faces to people’s lineup use the prettiest faces from BB14…. Kara was on the show for a week or so..but damn she was stupid fine would’ve been nice seeing her last a bit longer..But as Scott Chandler…She is partying like its 2011 but people he isn’t hurt after the Week 2 contest like he was a year ago..I think he scores a TD for the 3rd week in a row…and Jojo who had the New York accent and was all about sexing it up …Brent Celek should bring sexy back..The University of Cincinnati Alum should keep building on what he has done week to week for the Eagles and see him some paydirt this weekend as well..While much like meathead Willie who was self evicted for starting a fight early in the year…Antoino Gates is another guy I was high on this year and now after what should have been his “3 Touchdown performance that helped me win my matchups” Week the late inactive due to his ribs pretty much makes him dead to me at this point..I am not here to tell you that you must trade this guy but I’m shopping him because much like with Dan… I am over this headache of a guy to own..and After watching him drop pass after pass like it was the 2011 playoffs vs. the Giants… Jermicheal Finley gets tabbed as Janelle just an overall fake person who shows no emotion in screwing over whom ever he pleases…Fantsay football Owners much like Aaron Rodgers are starting to lose faith..and Like Bel Biv Devoe Said in “Poison” when it comes to Janelle “Can’t Trust a Big butt(boobs in her case) and a Smile”…
Shoutots to @RamPower2010, @RealistSpeaking, @rickgasko @SlimCliffy and any others who I chatted with on twitter about Big Brother this season hopefully next season they return to its original format and don’t bring back old house guests…

Psycho Sid Vicious


So Remember,Good luck to you all this Week 3 remember Do not be a “Danielle” and let the “experts” dictate who you should start week…Trust your gut…everyone in the fantasy community including myself claim to know it all but at the end of the day its your team and its your job to soak in all information and make the best calls for your team..Wanna hear more of what I think about Week 3 listen in to “Perusing the Perimeter” (Thurs. 6 – 7:30) here:


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