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If you’re not already familiar with him, David Gonos is a fantasy writer whose work you can find on outlets like,, and other great sites. David also runs his own blog where you can find him pontificating about fantasy sports, life, beer, chicken wings, and poop (yup, you read that right…poop).


Besides being one of the nicer fantasy writers that I’ve met on Twitter, David also has a knack for putting together some really creative ideas for stories. I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to contribute to a few of these ideas, and wanted to compile those links in one place so you guys can all enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed contributing to them:


  • One of my favorite things David has done is compile a list of the Top 66 Fantasy Football analysts to follow on Twitter. This one’s a MUST-BOOKMARK!
  • David also had the really cool idea of putting together a Mock Draft from the Future (2014) where a bunch of analysts (including me) got in our flux capacitor-powered DeLoreans and imagined who we might take in the first two rounds of a draft a year from now.
  • I was also asked to be part of a slow-draft (for 2012) where me and a bunch of other analysts have been drafting for about a week now. You can find all of our picks here (and an analysis on the first two rounds here by Zach Law).
  • As part of a guest-post series, I was asked to put together my 10 rules for Fantasy Football beginners that are also a good reminder for even the most expert fantasy footballer.
  • David also put together a series where he asked a bunch of analysts (including me) to compare two different players at the same position and make an argument as to which one to draft (assuming similar ADPs).


I hope you enjoy those series as much as I enjoyed helping out, and make sure you give David a follow on Twitter here.


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