8 Sep

looking for proven fantasy sports advice?

Who am I and why should you listen to me? 
I know…there’s already too many fantasy “experts” out there. Anyone can give advice, but I can actually prove that my advice works: I’m currently ranked in the top 25 on ESPN. I’ve been playing fantasy sports since the early 90’s and play pretty much any fantasy sport you can imagine (even cricket and bass fishing). Don’t believe me that I’m in the top 25? Send me an email and I’ll be happy to show you my ESPN Uber profile.
Why am I here? 
Simply put: I’m here to use my fantasy addiction for good and share my strategies to help you win your leagues. There’s more than one way to win in fantasy sports, but I do pretty darn well with the way I play. I combine a lot of things in the way I manage my teams: stats, trends, opinions of others, and sometimes just plain old intuition. I’m never gonna get everything right (no one does, and don’t let them tell you otherwise), but I get it right a lot more often than I get it wrong — and that’s what winning in fantasy  is all about.
Where should you click?
Pretty simple. If you’re looking for daily Fantasy Football, Baseball and Hockey information from a proven gamer ibola55.net…click on the blog links to the left. If you’re looking to get in touch with me…Email me or follow me on Twitter. And if you’re still wondering who the hell I am…please keep reading (and then go back and read the daily blogs).
I’ll quit rambling now, but in summary: if you’re looking for proven advice for any fantasy sport out there…you’ve come to the right place. So come along for the ride, and help me shape this website (and its blogs) as a place to share information with other fantasy addicts like you and me. Subscribe to the blog and comment wherever you can – its always good to get other opinions. (Now go back and read the blogs!)